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today i've been oohing and ahhing over valerie's chalk art at lily & val. valerie first hand draws in chalk, then meticulously paints over them using a technique that preserves the realistic look of chalk with the durability of acrylic paint. the result looks like an authentic chalk masterpiece, but won't ever rub off! i think these would make great christmas gifts, or add the perfect touch to your holiday decor. visit her shop  or website for originals, digital and prints.


  • SO fun!

  • pretty! loving all the chalkboards and chalkboard art around lately!

  • What a beautiful talent! I’ve never that could be done with chalk :) Thanks for sharing.


  • I love the chalkboard art. I want a chalkboard just so I can play around and make some of my own.

  • Thank you SO MUCH, Bonnie! :) Love your blog!

  • I have a chalk board for writing shopping lists etc on, in my kitchen. It has become a family tradition that I write/draw a message for Birthdays, holidays, exam success etc on the board. Your messages are so beautiful and I am so excited for Christmas, so I can try and do something similar :) Thank you for the inspiration.

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