doe a deer

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one of the things i love most about decorating is mixing styles. i love to mix really old pieces with new ones and especially like throwing in some rustic touches on top of it all. whether it's a cabin-in-the-woods feel or a more aztec vibe you're going for, i think rustic pieces can really give your space extra depth.

faux mounted deer

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one way to accomplish this look would be with this modern twist on the ol' mounted deer head- faux taxidermy. it can give your space a modern-yet-rustic look- not to mention it's a much kinder way to decorate. above are some of my favorites!


  • The blue knit doe is too fabulous!

  • I am so glad to know I am not the only one just IN LOVE with these. Did you see that Anthropologie has a complete zoo of taxidermy like animals right now? There is even a hippo, lol. I think I would stick to your doe collection :)

    • lauren, i had no idea! just checked them out- very interesting!

  • Beats having a real deer’s head up there for sure. Great little home decor idea, thanks for sharing.

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