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bonnie christine

i can't even begin to tell you how much i have fallen in love with this house featured over on ikea's blog! the wooden table, crocheted stool, stacked wood and possibly my favorite feature- that gorgeous mint green light! however, if i can direct your attention to the right a little bit...

bonnie christine

you'll see these fabulous picture ledges used to display this most adorable collection of plates. i may just have to start keeping my eye out for vintage plates!


  • This is so cute but im sure my husband would think me mental if i tried it out at our place

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  • I could live there.

  • This is such a cute room! Can you tell me where you got the lights? they are great!

    • hi laura! this is not my room, but rather one that i’ve featured. check the links above to see the original source. maybe they can help you? :)

  • Looks kind of like your pretty home Bonnie :) I love these pictures too. This is how I envision decorating my own place someday. Till then I will drool over ideas like this… haha

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