the floating farmhouse

| home decor

i just about fell out of my chair when i saw the photos of this farmhouse turned modern homstead, and just thought you might enjoy seeing it too! self taught designer tom givone, found this farmhouse in 2002 in a disheviled state, but over the years has turned it into quite the homestead. just wait, you'll see!

floating farmhouse (1)

floating farmhouse (4)

floating farmhouse (2)

floating farmhouse (3)

you can read more about his home and see more photos here, enjoy!


  • this is absolutely gorgeous!

  • !!! This is so beautiful and tranquil! What a wonderful place to call home!

  • i’d like to move in tomorrow please! that house is stunning, it’s perfect in design, & works so well with the location. So peaceful, i’m not sure i would ever want to leave. Thank you for sharing & have a wonderful weekend.

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