10 free iphone apps for creatives

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iphone apps for creatives

i don't know about you, but without my iphone and several handy apps, my online biz would suffer and i'd feel completely out of touch with you! whether you're a blogger, crafster, indie biz owner or just a lover of all things creative, i think you'll enjoy the apps above (they are my personal favorites!). however, i know you all have to have some favorites of your own. so go on, spill the beans! what are you favorite apps for creative souls?

1. paypal
2. instagram
3. etsy
4. dropbox
5. evernote
6. square
7. wordpress
8. pulse
9. pinterest
10. adobe photoshop express


  • Thank you for this! I reposted on my blog today (http://seefritz.com/2012/05/free-10-iphone-apps-for-creatives/). You are the best!!!

  • Nice photoshop photo. Made it yourself? I USED to like Instagram, but now look at facebook, people use instagram and think they’re freaking artists -.- Thanks to my undescribable memory, I think I’ll try out this Evernote. Thanks!

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