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happy friday, lovelies! today i have an inbox inquiry comes from the lovely writers over at plant. eat. create. they wrote in to ask me a few questions about going home to roost and how i've grown it over the years, and below you can find my answers!

pssst.. if you like ghtr, make sure to visit their blog, as i think you'll see we have a lot in common!

1. Did you intentionally try to grow your blog to make a living off of it or did it just happen?
hmm, well sort of both. i started it with intentions to dedicate all that i had to it, but kept my expectations low. i really wanted to create a beautiful space to share my inspirations, projects and recipes- so i focused all of my energy on making it the best that it could be, rather than on gaining more readers.

2. If you did try to grow it, how did you go about that?
i'm not sure that i really set out to grow it, but rather just did things that made sense as i went along. twitter and facebook have been a huge help and they are great way to network- plus they're fun! i have also always tried to focus on two areas that i believe are critical to growing your blog: consistency and an authentic voice.

3.Did/do you pursue sponsors or advertisers or do they come to you?
i have never pursued advertisers but rather just put the word out there. i am blessed to say that they have always found me! :)

4. What are some other things that you've found have increased your blog traffic?
i really feel like reaching out to others and making an effort to create genuine connections goes a really long way. growing meaningful relationships with others in the industry is so important and fulfilling, as blogging can be a little lonely at times! other good ways to connect are through the many social media outlets- flickr, pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram are all great ways to meet and greet. :)

5. Do you think its possible to plan a blog like a business venture or do you think it just has to happen if it's gonna happen?
hmm, good question! i think it could definitely be both, but it seems like to me that most people tend to either become overnight successes or grow their blog over a long period of time (like me). i think if you set out with honest intentions and focus on your authentic voice, anyone can become a success. just remember to be consistent and be YOU!


  • Thanks so much for the great info, Bonnie. We continue to be inspired by the success of your blog and many others! One thing we have noticed and have been grateful for is the eagerness of successful blogs and small busniesses to help each other out (which goes in line with your advice to grow meaningful relationship with others in the industry). Thanks again!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I think you are so dead on that the relationships you make are so important especially when you are living a creative life.

  • I’m loving looking over your business advice section! I’ve been struggling with knowing what direction to take my blog, how to create meaningful online (how is that possible!) relationships, and to be true to myself in this venture. It’s inspiring to see that you’ve created such a beautiful and successful blog by writing about things you believe in, things you love, and things that make your heart race! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.

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