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when i recently learned about stitch labs (discovered via papernstitch) i was absolutely blown away. in a nutshell, it's a design-focused, fully integrated business management suite for designers, makers, sellers and crafters. and it's exactly what i've been looking for!

in more than a nutshell, stitch labs is a management program for product-based business owners who sell their products through one or multiple channels (e.g. online, wholesale, consignment, trunk shows or street fairs). it's an incredibly intuitive solution for managing inventory, orders, contacts, shipping, expenses and business analytics all in one place.

here's how it works:

stitch keeps track of and manages your inventory and customer contact information, which allows you to process sales orders, invoices and shipping details all in one place. they are fully integrated with several major platforms, including etsy and shopify, (and i hear big commerce is on the way!), which keeps everything super neat and tidy.

one of my favorite things about stitch is how beautiful it is. it was created with creatives in mind and it makes even looking at business analytics a fun thing to do!

it's also incredibly affordable! if you run your business solo, it's only a measly $12 a month. you can check out the rest of their pricing here!

a few of my favorite features:

manage your inventory easily! build and manage your entire product catalog and inventory with a few simple clicks.

build full product lines in seconds

keep an eye on product stock so you know when to reorder or make more

manage multiple sales channels with ease using their seamless integration

have your inventory levels automatically adjust

create invoices & packing slips for all of your customers, online and offline

view over 20 different reports so you can analyze all aspects of your business from your customers, products, orders, and expenses.

keep track of unlimited contacts, people, emails, & more. easily manage and organize the people and companies you do business with.

want to give it a try? stitch has generously offered all ghtr readers a special code to extend your free trial to 45 days- no credit card required! just enter code 'GHTR' when you sign up. it's as easy as that!

please note! i am honored to be an affiliate for stitch labs which means that if you decide to sign up via my link, i get a small percentage (woo!). please know that i'm very selective with affiliate opportunities and only join when i truly love and adore the company. xox


  • Very interesting. I can check it our further, but do you think it would benefit my shop?

    • mom, maybe!! i’ll call you and tell you more. :) love you!

  • Just signed up for a trial! I’m super intrigued… I’m hoping it’s as awesome as I think it’ll be :) I just wish they had raw material inventory. Perhaps someday!

    • oh, good point brittany! have you asked them about that? i’ll be sure to pass on your advice, that would be a great addition! let me know what you think of it!xox

  • I haven’t sent an email to them yet, but I plan on doing so after I’ve used the site a bit more. Thanks again for sharing it, I’m loving it so far!

  • Bonnie, thank you so much for this fantastic post sharing the good word about Stitch!

    Wanted to let you and Brittany know that we are beginning the early design work on component inventory management our goal is to have that complete within the year. We realize this is a major feature update that will help a lot of our customers so we want to be sure to do it right.

    Thanks again, creative wild women!

    • oh thank you, willo!! so nice of you to pop over, and great news about this feature! we know you’ll do it right. ;)

  • Fabulous! That would be such an awesome feature for Stitch. Thanks for the update, Willo!

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