beautiful braids of glory + video tutorials!

| indie fashion

braids are all the rage but unfortunately for me, my fingers haven't gotten the memo. they still feel as backwards as the day they were born, but i'm going to take natalie's advice and just keep practicing! here to help all my other backward-fingered-friends is natalie borton, with her latest braids of glory series.

you'll find videos for both the braided bangs and the double braid, both of which walk you through doing the braid yourself.  be sure to also follow this series, as more braid tutorials are still to come! (pssst.. make sure to glance around natalie's beautiful blog while you're there, especially her posts on confidence, healthy eating and intentional living.)


  • So pretty! Thanks for sharing…for some reason I rarely get around to clicking through all those beautiful hair tutorials I have pinned…

  • I would love to be a better braider, so I’ll definitely watch these videos. It will be a nice departure from my old faithful, the messy bun.

  • This makes me happy! Love you girls!

  • I love how this true scandinavian look is making an entrance everywhere… Especially since it for once is a hair-trend that takes the hair out of the face while still looking fab!

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