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this is a trend that i will most certainly embrace. there's something about the southwest style that makes me feel alive, like i have a warm breeze blowing in my hair and i'm riding horseback (bare, of course) wild and free. i love the pops of colors that stand out from the more grounding earthy tones. it all feels very natural, primitive and fierce.

row 1 - magic breeze
row 2 - copper necklace | turquoise ring
row 3 - vibrant southwest color | seafoam green antlers
row 4 - cow skull gold triangle | folk sweater
row 5 - vintage fringe moccasins | southwest wrap around bracelet
row 6 - tribal scarf | navajo weekender


  • I’ve always love the Southwest theme…but not the classic coyote wearing the scarf thing. Popular in the 1990’s!

  • Ha I just did a search for Southwest items on Etsy yesterday and fell in love with that scarf and the bag! You have great taste! ;)

    • kelsey, great minds think alike! hehe!

  • I love the items on row 5. Great picks!

  • This is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for including my painted antler in this mix. YOu have an incredible eye and have paired these items so nicely together! Cheers!

    • amber, you’re so welcome! so happy you found us! love your work. :)

  • Dear Bonnie,
    the first item listed is an illustration by Sandra Dieckmann, it would be nice if you could give her the credits of the image on your post.


    • dear siliva, i linked to her beautiful print in ‘row 1’.. perhaps you missed it? rest assured, i always credit the artists and products that i feature.

  • Thank you Bonnie, I haven’t realized you linked to her etsy page.

  • Hi Bonnie!
    Lovely Southwest item collection!

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