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fall watch fashion

my accessory pick as of lately has been the watch, so i'm trying to pick out a new one for fall, but i can't decide! do you have any favorite picks for the season?

1: handmade natural watch - $80
2: la mer bali watch - $140
3: ebony twist - $292.04
4: mint green rubber double strap watch - $9.99
5: artisan double wrap watch - $9.99
6: stud-y abroad watch - $99.99
7: edenham liberty print watch - £59.00


  • I LOVE La Mer Collections! I ordered a watch and get sooo many compliments :) I really like watch #1 too

  • oooh i love the double strap style on watches now. And these are some really affordable options. Thanks.

  • I’m craving the stud-y abroad watch but can’t decide. I love the warm brown but the black version is oh-so-cool!

  • #1 is perfect! I would wear that every day :)

  • I would have to go with #1, something simple and will last all seasons.

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