handmade jewelry by the survivors of human trafficking

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handmade jewelry by the survivors of human trafficking

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 sadly, human trafficking is a major issue today, even in the united states. when i heard about international sanctuary, i immediately wanted to help! by providing self-sufficiency options to survivors of human trafficking, international sanctuary is offering the missing piece to reintegration through the making and selling of handmade products.

handmade jewelry by the survivors of human traffickingwith inspiring and affordable bohemian chic handmade jewelry, coasters and stationary, you can now purchase with a purpose. if you're new to the effects and issues of human sex trafficking, here are a few statistics.

handmade jewelry by the survivors of human trafficking

handmade jewelry by the survivors of human trafficking

visit international sanctuary to read their mission, faq's, purpose and shop around.


  • LOVE THIS! Might have to add it to our fashion + compassion series. See you soon! xo

  • This is great, never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!

  • Human trafficking is something that I’ve been burdened about for some time. I’ll purchase something, for sure. Wish I knew how I could help further.

  • LOVE this, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing. I have a beautiful bracelet made by a woman rescued from trafficking and it means so much more to me when I wear it because of that. I was just wondering yesterday about my own art, how in the world it could ever make a difference in the greater scheme and purpose of life. This is such a good reminder that handmade, beautiful things CAN change people’s lives. It’s not about the material “stuff,” but the HEART exchange that goes along with an exchange of beautiful goods plus fair wages plus the message that every person involved in that process is valuable…wow, the heart exchange in something like this is priceless and powerful.

  • Thanks for this Bonnie, what an excellent initiative, and really fantastic that you are sharing and supporting it.

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