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happiness happens month

i couldn't help but share this with you- not only is today happiness happens day, but the entire month of august is happiness happens month!

what is happiness happens month you say? well, it's all about declaring your happiness and what it is that makes you happy. awesome, right?!

in celebration, i would like each of us to declare one thing that makes us happy. i'll go first:

i am a happy person and one thing that makes me happy is snuggling with my sweet puppy, toaster.

so, my dear friends, what makes you happy? i'll meet you in the comments section!

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  • I am a happy person and one of the things that makes me happiest is: the smell of my baby’s breath. (:

  • Teaching sewing!

  • I have to copy you here and say that one thing that can always make me happy is snuggling with my dog, Casey! I also love when he’s curled up nearby, when he moves in his sleep, his sweet “warm puppy” smell makes me smile.

  • Blogging makes me happy, working out makes me happy and solo bike rides/runs through a beautiful place make me extra happy.

    What a great idea :)

  • Eskimo kisses with my cute boy.

  • When my husband hits the snooze alarm in the morning for 10 more minutes of half-asleep snuggles!

  • I am happy, and one thing that makes me happy is swinging at the playground. I like to swing so high, I feel like I live among the trees.

  • I am a happy person because I have Christ in my life and He helps me to see the beauty in EVERYTHING!

  • Creating new work that makes a customer happy, makes me happy. Its amazing how joy can be amplified.

  • Having my home full of friends and family makes me happy!

  • I am a happy person when I wake up in the morning and roll up my blackout curtain and it is a sunny day, and I go back to bed and snuggle a little with my man.
    It also makes me happy to have my daily run with my running friends and doing stretching for one hour!
    Hard red juicy apples, smell of freshly cut grass, roller blading, my nieces, fruit salad… and I could go on forever!
    Reading this blog also makes me really happy!

  • One thing that makes me happy are enjoying the smallest events (even the most inconvenient ones!) in life that one day become happy memories, i.e. getting caught in a summer shower this afternoon with my boyfriend :)

  • your nice words about my work are making me very happy.
    the four photographs i took this afternoon are also making me happy.
    this delicious gazpacho ( i just ate is making me very happy.
    and most of all, the fact that i decided, not long ago, to be happy, is making me very happy. :)

  • my sweet heart husband!

  • I am happy when there is someone liking my design or handmade creation, or send me a message telling me how much they love it. :D

  • I live in the desert, so rain is a treat for us! Seeing a summer storm come in and hanging out on the patio to watch makes me happy. :)

  • Cuddling my new granddaughter, Lucy!

  • What makes me happy? In no particular order. . . time spent with family or friends, sunny days, rain when we need it, working on crafts (knitting, crocheting, or sewing), bird songs in the morning, smooches with my sweetie, music to suit my mood, chocolate (but not too much), fresh vegetables from the Farmers’ Market, doggie kisses, solving a difficult problem at work, and other peoples’ smiles! That’s the first 12. . . there are many more. . . thanks, God!

  • Clean sheets and clean towels, after just bathing. Heavenly :)

  • Spending time with my sweet, hilarious husband.

  • Here are the things that make me happy:


    • well, you guys are just too good at this! you’ve inspired me to keep thinking about it, so here are a few (ok, a lot) more things that make me happy. :)
      blogging to you, running in cool weather, fields of poppies, midnight swims, braids in my hair, big legged pants, hubby snuggles, back scratches, vegan cheeses, fall pumpkins, soy lattes, summer travels, making patterns, brainstorming, picking flowers, praying, summer berries, watermelon, going to bed early, family dinners and soft quilts.

  • It’s really hard to choose just one thing, but I love taking my toddlers to try new things: swimming for the first time, going to the fireworks, the pumpkin patch, the children’s garden… just watching their faces when they take it all in makes me happy :)

  • A fully clean home (b/c it’s so rare :) & a rest afterward with some tea, dinner and my husband while listening to Doris Day on the old record player :)

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