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the darling magazine

the darling magazine

i recently discovered darling magazine from my friend natalie who is a managing editor for them, and instantly fell in love with their mission and voice. it's a different kind of magazine. it's not only incredibly artful and clean but it's full of thought provoking, meaningful articles written by intelligent women. it's a breath of fresh air.

the magazine comes out ever 3 months and is full of wisdom and inspiration for ever element of your life. photos are never photoshopped and women are always shown in their true beauty. you can see their mission statement above.

the darling magazine

head on over to darling magazine to read about beauty, healthy eating and engage in discussions on true femininity. here are a few of their most popular articles: photoshopping our souls away, i don't want to compete anymore, redefining beauty, healthy vs. skinny, and the naked brunch.




  • love this!! looks great! will definitely be checking it out :)

  • Yay!! Thanks for sharing about Darling! It really is a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? :)

  • Definitely checking this magazine out! Love!


  • Oooh this looks lovely! Definitely going to go check it out.

    Also, to answer your question on Twitter – I would totally be up for a makeup-free brunch if everyone else were makeup free too. That feels catty to say, which makes me FINALLY realize that it IS true that women judge EACH OTHER so much more than we think we do… :(

  • Oh fun! Josh Garrels is my favorite college professor’s brother! her name is Gala Bent and she is a phenomenal artist. Amazingly creative family!
    Love your blog girl <3
    xo Moorea

  • Thanks for sharing about!!Definitely going to go check it out.. This really seems meaningful and artful!!

  • So excited to see Darling featured here! A dear friend of mine is the sister & sister-in-law (respectively) of Steve and Sarah (publisher and editor). She was able to get a few hard copies into the hands of friends and I must say, it is even more beautiful and inspiring in ‘real life’!

  • How can i purchase this Sept, 14, 2012 issue Thank you. I love that picture and the writing. very encouraging and uplifting. Thank you

  • I would like to know if it would be ok if I put your mission statement and information about your magazine on my FB page. I think the mission statement is so empowering and would like to share it. Thank you.

  • Thank you. I did ask darling and they said it would be fine. Thank you

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