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vegan dinner ideas

hello, friends! let me just tell you- late june and july are my favorite food months. the local veggies are in full swing and some of my favorites are starting to come into season. i had my first cantaloupe this week! it was so amazing. :)

monday: creamy herbed zucchini soup from vegan family meals
tuesday: white bean and veggie stew
wednesday: grilled tofu with ratatouille vegetables
thursday: veggie shepherd's pie
friday: grilled polenta with balsamic mushrooms (leave off the cheese to make vegan!)

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!


  • We are on week 2 of our farm share for the summer! Looking forward to going through your recipes here to get inspiration with our veggies!

  • Yum! I love seeing your recipe ideas…they are so fresh and healthy :) I too love the summer months….love cooking straight from our garden and eating outside on the grill :) Enjoy your weekend!

  • These all look delicious! Always great to find new veggie recipes to try! Thanks.

  • I tried cupcakes and kale’s cauliflower “alfredo” recipe for dinner tonight. It was delish, although it seemed so heavy since I haven’t had pasta in a few weeks. I have a feeling it will be perfect for winter! Right now looking at your dinners I am seriously wishing I had a grill…my George Foreman doesn’t have the same effect…

  • Absolutely YUM, Bonnie! (:
    Have to try that grilled polenta with balsamic mushrooms. I’m a total sucker for mushrooms. Thanks for sharing. ;)

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