a vintage summer

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Brooke Schmidt

when i saw brooke schmidt's photography, i instantly knew that we had kindred spirits. she sees beauty in all things great and small, and turns to nature for inspiration and joy. here's a little excerpt from brooke in her own words,

"When I walk, I look for birds' eggshells and snakeskins and feathers. I collect pyrex, painted japanese teapots, hand-carved wooden animals and embroideries of birds. I listen to books on cd read by british readers.  At night I often find myself walking outside to check on the stars. I keep lists of the books I read, bake often, and grow hops, beets, lavender and nutmeg thyme in our garden, among the flowers."

brooke's work and words take me to a simpler time, to a vintage summery day where the breeze is warm and the flowers are blooming. i'll meet you over at her shop and beautiful blog!

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