point and shoot 11.8.12

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this is my week told pictorially. if you’re new to point and shoot, you can catch up here! :)

bonnie christine (9)

bonnie christine (10)

views from driving up the 1 this week on our way to napa (a work trip for my sweetheart).

bonnie christine (7)

bonnie christine (5)

some food along the way - a latte from verve and this vegan 'sausage biscuit' from herbivore. very clever (and delicious)!

bonnie christine (6)

bonnie christine (8)

some golden gate goodness.

bonnie christine (4)

and some sonoma sunshine!

bonnie christine (3)

mailboxes 40 miles from anything.

bonnie christine (1)

a beautiful wristlet from the lovely sahnda marie.

bonnie christine (11)

views from home.

bonnie christine (14)

updated my desktop calendar- did you?

bonnie christine (13)

a new favorite cookbook.

bonnie christine (12)

beauty in death.

love, bonnie

do you have any favorite photos from your life this week?

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  • wow! your photos are all so beautiful Bonnie :)Love the mailboxes ;)


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