in season: fresh chamomille tea

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fresh chamomile tea

i was delighted to find a bundle of fresh chamomile in our csa box this week. when i saw it i said, oo, pretty flowers! (typical newbie) when my sweet farmer gal said oh no, that's chamomile! of course, i immediately squealed and asked for instructions on what to do with the beautiful blooms.

in season: fresh chamomille tea

so here it is, straight from the farmer's mouth:

keep your chamomile fresh in a vase for 2-3 days, but then bundle it and hang to dry.

for tea:

pluck off 2-3 teaspoons of flowers right at the base of the bloom.

steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes and drink before bed.

in season: fresh chamomille tea

i've been a long time drinker of bedtime tea, but this fresh chamomile puts me to sleep like nothing i've ever tried. it's soothing, tasty and warming.


  • I love chamomile tea, but I never knew what it looked like ‘au natural’. ^_^ Thanks!

  • Wow I never knew chamomile was soo pretty. :)

  • You should try a teaspoon of honey in it! Even tastier and relaxing! xoxo

    • oo, good point, eleni! will definitely try that. :)

  • Oooooh! My husband loooooooves chamomile tea in the evening – and the flowers are so pretty…now I shall go hunt some down!

  • I have always wondered if you could use it before it was dried! Great to know! So pretty!

  • I love chamomile tea and am a big fun of tea in general! Thank you for the wonderful tips. Beautiful photography too! :)

  • This sounds WONDERFUL – thank you for sharing!

  • I have grown roman chamomile this year, but it is soooo bitter, at least when made from fresh blooms. Does this go away when it is dried, or is there another trick?

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