a pickling party

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a pickling party

after reading this bon appétit article on the preservation society, i've decided that i'm simply smitten with the idea of having a pickling party!

my party would look like friends gathering 'round for a homegrown meal, everyone helping to preserve the season's harvest and then taking loads of freshly preserved goodies home with them. would you be interested in attending a pickling party?

a pickling party

dicovered via: luisa brimble
photography by: ditte isager


  • That looks like loads of fun! I’d love to be invited to a party like this. I can’t grow anything to the point of maturity, it dies before then. :(

  • what a fun idea!!!!

  • Love this idea. And let me tell you, it woud be much, much easier to pickle things if I had a bunch of friends who were interested in helping out. I once single-handedly blanched, peeled, and chopped 15 pounds of peaches to make peach butter — and then collapsed, exhausted, into bed at midnight, 6 hours after I’d started the project!

    In ye olden days, women would often get together to put up preserves for the winter. After my Peach Butter Adventure, I now see why. :D

  • I don’t even pickle things genrally, but I would to do this. Sounds like fun and would result in a stocked kitchen a bit.

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