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as soon as i discovered idle mouse, i fell in love with their mission. after founder brooke condolora wrote a simple message to herself on the front of her notebook that read 'cure for compulsive clicking', idle mouse was born in efforts to share the message with others.

as brooke puts it, technology is shiny, and we like it. and that’s okay! but our hands were designed to be skillful, life is given for participation, and people need love. idle mouse products are reminders and enablers of those truths. to make something tangible, start conversations and above all, be present.

sometimes we all just need to hit ⌘Q and step away from the computer, take a deep breath and create. as a little bonus exclusive to ghtr readers, brooke has offered you early access to download 2 of her new desktop backgrounds for free! click here to see and download them. :)

as if all that wasn't enough, each idle mouse purchase also directly benefits the mission lazarus vocational schools in honduras, where young men and women study trades like carpentry, sewing, and leather-working.


  • love and need these reminders for myself, thanks bonnie and idle mouse :)

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