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vintage trailers (1)

welp, it's happend. i've been bitten by the vintage trailer bug.

vintage trailers (2)

after seeing my friend allie's almost-renovated teardrop trailer this past week, my obsession pretty much got set in stone. i've been scouring craigslist ever since (to no avail), and plan to search until i find one! my dream is to discover a diamond in the rough, canned ham type trailer, and refurb it back to life.

vintage trailers (3)

vintage trailers (4)

vintage trailers (5)

i've been pinning away a few of my favorite vintage campers as inspiration for the future, do you have any favorite retro trailers?

vintage trailers (6)

vintage trailers (8)

vintage trailer

vintage trailer

my vision is to one day pull a sweet little trailer behind us as we head out on our frequent cross-country adventures, bike races and occasional craft shows! are you seeing it? i can't stop seeing it.


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  • I have been totally wanting one too! We were planning a roadtrip this summer and I thought it would a fun way to travel in style :) Unfortunately, our ’01 Civic isn’t the best car for hauling a camper, and craigslist isn’t working its magic! Although some of the listing might have potential, I’m not sure we would know all the ins and outs of camper revamping!

  • Wow they are cool in each Way!!! Really something, I would love to spend the summer in one of thoose. Have a beautiful Day!

  • I have been obsessed with finding an old rv after reading this blog post last year (attached below). Your post gives me even more ideas of what I could do to a new found treasure! Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie!!!

    • oh, kay kay! what a great post! i would love to see it completely finished, is it still a work in progress? they are doing such a great job!

  • My brother and sister-in-law are renovating an airstream trailer that they will soon be living out of. I love that sense of adventure!

  • Oh my. I’m in love with these! What a fun summer project. I just did a quick craigslist search in my area and found a few vintage trailers for $5000-$7000, boooo. I guess people must be catching on to this amazing trend.

    • nathalie, whew! i’ve set my price limit to $1200 (which is still too much, haha), but i’m hoping to hold out for a find. maybe so is everyone else, eep!

  • Oh I too daydream of trailers! (called caravans in my neck of the woods) I would quite happily keep one at home as an extra room, I fantasise that it would be my secret garden hideout….

  • I’ve ALWAYS wanted one!!! They are adorable and look like so much fun! I hope you’re able to find one….soon! ;)

  • Bonnie- Funny that you posted about this today because Apt Therapy has a whole post about refurbishing trailors- check it out !

  • haha this is going to happen, it’s a matter of time.

  • I love them so much, I’m getting married in front of one in two weeks!


  • Yes, I’m right there with you! I’m obsessed. Good luck in your search.

  • Oh my! I’m swooning. Those are sooo neat! Have you heard of Wildflowers Photography? First of all, she takes amazing photos that are so inspiring. Secondly, they have a 1950 Spartanette trailer that is just adorably charming. Check it out on FB: I think they have done a few photo-shoots with it in the background. Good luck with your search! You’ll find one in your price range — I just know it. :D

    • hi christina!! thank you so much for sharing this little beauty, i love her!! off to look at more pics, so cute! :)

  • Here is what it looks like now:

    When you do yours, you should post updates too!!

  • it’s funny, I have never had an interest in trailers.. but these are so cute and it got me to thinking, that not only would it be fun on a little trip, and of course as a little guest room, BUT it occurred to me as your own little creation station when you are home. You could go out and do some crafts or artwork in it with the doors and windows open and have some quiet time… I can’t afford one, but now I see the attraction!

  • Love this post and the Airstream, my dream!

  • These are adorable! I would love to take a cross country trip with one of these. Cliche, perhaps, but so worth it!

  • Awh…I feel so special I made the blog! Haha! Glad you got the bug! We can hang out in the “trailerhood” together! xo

  • My hubby and I have been dreaming about owning one for a long time. Right now money is extremely tight, but I am sure that in the future we will be able to make it happen. Good luck on your search! :)

  • I love these photos, funky and fun. What a great outlet to pour your style into. Can’t wait to see your little dandy.

  • We have a little trailer. It’s nto nearly as cute as these. It’s not a teardrop, which we’d love… But I have some grand ideas on making it into a cutesy little place like these! Actually last night I was online looking for fabrics for the new curtains and cushions it needs! Thanks for the ispiration.

  • Wow – I can see how the bug can bite – they are so beautiful and some are whimiscal! Oh the dreams of travel and meeting new and like minded others! Thanks for sharing and inspiring new day dreams!

  • Love these! I remember doing the same exact thing with the same exact thought process last summer! I was searching craigslist basically every day for the perfect project. You’ve totally reignited my “need” for one. I just love the thought.

  • I’ve been the exact same way…. I personally love the little Shasta trailers :)

  • I am obsessed with vintage trailers, this summer we made a special trip to visit Enjoy Cupcakes just to see the trailer…bonus the cupcakes are the best I’ve ever had!

    • becky, the enjoy cupcakes is in my town! i drool every time i pass her. :)

  • Oh MY! YES! I am so glad I’m not the only lady blogging about her little love/passion for these sweet little campers. One day, I hope we both have one! I know I will!

  • I knew it. I shouldn’t have sold mine. Oh, I miss it so much. I had one exactly like the silver and pink one. But mine needed a lot of work. Every time I see a vintage trailer, my heart just melts! These campers are just so beautiful.

  • I was bitten by the bug after I saw the issue in Sunset Magazine and it took me about 2 months to find one! I found an Aristocrat Main liner,1965, from the original owner and was in lovely condition. I looked everyday and if you see one, call right away, and go see it before buying it, is my main advise. Mine is turquoise inside and has the original awning in great condition. Half the fun is searching for it then the rest is fixing it up and finding all the goodies to go inside of it. Also, if you see one in a neighbors hard, chances are they may not want it and will sell it to give a good home. We had a neighbor call us right after we found our Aristocrat and was willing to sell his to us for 300.00. So….they are out there….just don’t give up looking and have fun.

  • yard…

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