• Bonnie, your talent is incredible! :) It looks amazing.

  • Love it! How much does brand development run?

  • i love it sweet girl:) So happy that you put yourself out there for me, and sharing it with everyone else!! Your such a talent.

  • This is incredible! You did an amazing job and I adore all of it. From the smallest details in the type to the pattern, it’s a great combination. I look forward to seeing more branding work :)

  • I love this! When a client asks you for a brand design, do you offer all of this? If so, I think that’s brilliant. I had someone do my first redesign, but I didn’t get any textures or fonts, and I can’t easily make things to match the look.

  • This is beautiful, Bonnie! Great job!

  • Really lovely. You should do more brand design! :)

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