off to kailua-kona hawaii

| bonnie forkner


i've been so busy this week that it's hard to believe we begin our journey to kailua-kona, hawaii today. it's a work related trip for david (otherwise we wouldn't be able to go!) and i'm so happy to be able to join him for it. we've been having some seriously grey days here lately, so i'm really looking forward to some sunshine, fresh pineapple and kona coffee.

though i won't be online too much next week, i will be sharing photos on instagram as much as possible. follow me by searching for @goinghometoroost and join the journey- i'll meet you there! i've also got posts scheduled for you next week so we won't miss a beat. :)

photo: the wild side of kona hawaii


  • that’s so great! :) have an AMAZING time! :)

  • Have lots of fun!

  • Oh my! Have so much fun!! You’ll prob run into my father in law while your there. He’s heading that way to do some iron man training:) soak up those rays!

  • Have fun!!! :D

  • Awesome! =D Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time!


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