ultmiate guide to non-dairy milks

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the ultmiate guide to non-dairy milks

happy monday, friends! as a follow up to my post on how to make your own almond milk, i just had to share with you this ultimate guide to making non-dairy milks from yumuniverse. heather crosby shows us step by step how to make just about every nut milk there is (22 in all)- using everything from amaranth to poppy seeds, and brown rice to coconuts! in addition to easy instructions, she includes optional add ins and nutritional benefits for each of them, as well as ideas on how to use their left over pulp. i think you'll really enjoy it!


  • this is perfect! Thanks for sharing, friend:))

  • Thanks for sharing. I never liked milk, but have recently discovered the wonders of nut milks. I can’t wait to check out this post!

  • My sister is thinking she might be allergic to dairy so this would be great for her :) Thanks for posting about it.


  • Thanks Bonnie, I had no idea there was a book on this. Thanks so much for the share! I’ll add the link to my String Soup blog. x

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