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hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (6)

hello, lovelies! this week i'm going to try my best to share several tutorials with you for handmade gifts. making presents for my friends and family each year has always been one of my favorite things! it all started last week with this soy candle tutorial, and today i'm sharing with you how to make these beautiful hand painted spoons.

i am by no means claiming this as an original diy! i know lots of people out there are painting spoons, but to be honest, i haven't read any of the tutorials. i just went at this diy from what i knew and am here to share my experience with you. let's get started!

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (1)

first, you'll need to gather several supplies, though none of them are very expensive (yeah!).


- wooden spoons (i grabbed mine right here)
- desired colors of martha stewart craft paints in satin finish (available at michaels)*
- tape to use as a guide (i used washi tape)
- paint brush
- wood conditioner

*marth stewart's craft paints are non-toxic and dishwasher safe. they are not considered 'food safe' though, so be sure not to paint the entire spoon!

for the labels:

- printable tags (click to download)
- sticker paper (i used full page sticker paper from world label)
- printer
- bakers twine for tying

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (3)

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (5)

step 1: tape. first start by placing a piece of tape around the spoon to use as a guide. i used washi tape because it was easy to apply and remove. i also tried regular scotch tape, but found it super hard to remove! also, do yourself a favor and make a 'pull tab' (shown in picture 1) by folding the tape over at the end as you wrap it around. this will make it really easy to remove!

step 2: paint. paint paint paint! apply two coats if necessary and don't forget to paint the round end of the spoon. you'll also need to figure out a way to let them dry without anything touching the painted handles. my ikea plant stand worked perfectly, but since i know you all don't have one, you can also hang them from the spoon side with string, or wedge them in cuts from a cardboard box (follow me?).

step 3: cure the paint. let the spoons air dry for 1 hour, then place them in a cool oven. set the temperature to 350°f. once oven reaches 350°, bake them for 30 minutes. then, turn the oven off and let them cool completely in the oven. wait 72 hours before using or washing.

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!)

step 4: condition the wood. you guys, i can't believe what a difference this made! i really urge you not to skip this step (especially if you buy cheap spoons like i did!). as you can see above, the wood conditioner works wonders. simply apply the wax warm, let sit for 20 minutes and then wipe the excess off. (click here to watch a video of me doing it- and hear my baby coo in the background! haha).

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (7)

step 5: tag. now it's time to tag your gifts (if you want)! click here to download the printable tags. i  printed mine on full page sticker paper from world label and then cut them out along the faint dotted lines. then, fold them in half with a piece of baker's twine in the middle, then tie around a set of three spoons

hand painted wooden spoons (diy!) (2)


  • They look amaaaaazing!

  • so pretty, I love how the waxed wood looks…merry christmas!

  • I love all the variation in color. Were some of these stained or did the natural color just change once the wax was added?
    Beautiful project!

    • thanks, pamela! to my surprise, they all just turned different colors! i’m not sure why, but i’m so happy it happened!

  • Love this DIY! I’ve always seen these around but I’ve never seen a DIY how to make them either. thanks for sharing, cant wait to make some!

  • these are gorgeous!!

  • Hi! Thanks for the great idea! However when I tried this, the paint on my spoon bubbled in the oven and stayed that way when it cooled. I used the Martha Stewart paints like you did. Any insight? Or do I have to bake the spoons to keep the paint from washing off? Thanks so much!

    • molly, oh no! i’m not sure why that would have happened.. i did let mine dry over night before i baked them. were yours wet when you put them in? i believe curing them in the oven helps protect the paint, but if you’re sure not to put them in the dishwasher, maybe you could skip that step? also, be sure you wax them after you’ve painted and cured (not before). hope this helps!

  • Thanks for your fast reply!! I bet I put them in the oven too soon. They had only dried for about 1-2 hours and I ended up needing two coats. I’ll try again with a longer initial dry time! :)

  • I made these as gifts for my baby shower. Turned out beautiful!

  • What brand of wax did you use, was it like the Minwax clear?

  • Do you wax the entire spoon (painted and unpainted part) or just the exposed wood area? and do I have to use a special kind of paint or will any craft paint due? My cousin wants them to be purple and silver sparkle paint but I wasn’t sure if we had to buy a special kind or brand..

    Thanks in advance!

    • hey emily! i used martha stewart’s craft paint and waxed only the exposed wooden part. :) have fun!

  • hello there . i have a question please tell me which color did you use and color company name :D

    • hi jacki! i used martha stewart paints (several colors) and i’ve linked to them in the post above.

  • This is just too perfect. My name is even Bonnie, too!

  • These are really cute! Just wondering if they are purely for decorative use or can you actually cook with them after applying the paint and wax?

    • hi jessica! they are absolutely for use! i’ve been using mine for over a year now and they’ve held up great – even through the dishwasher!

  • What colors did you use?

    • hi erine! i don’t recall the color names, but i picked a light and dark grey, light blue and pretty mint. have fun!

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