make your own polaroid coasters

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make your own polaroid coasterswhen i saw this project over on darkroom and dearly i thought, what a great way to bring photos to life! personally, i haven't printed photos in a very long time (i just keep them digitally), but sometimes i miss having the hard copies to flip through. i think this project would be a great way to show them off, as well as make for some good conversation starters! head on over to darkroom and dearly for the full tutorial!


  • GASP. the CUTEST. love it! these would be perfect for Instagram photos.

  • Aww, thanks for the mention, Bonnie! I’m glad you like the tutorial. I think your lovely instagram shots would be perfect for this project! :)

  • Love this! And i think it’s something I could actually do…my skills are quite limited! Lol

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