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adobe illustrator keyboard shortcuts

i use shortcuts while working in adobe illustrator constantly, and find that it's an incredible time saver! it makes things easier, quicker and more streamlined. however, it can be really hard to learn shortcuts for any new program (just put me working in photoshop and i'm lost!). that's why i really like these keyboard shortcut guides. you can use them to refer to, or set them as your desktop background to keep them handy at all times.


  • These are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the idea of making them your desktop wallpaper. Genius!

  • Does this work on PCs, too?

    • hey molly! most of the shortcuts are the same, yes. :)

  • what about gimp??

  • I’m afraid the link to the shortcuts doesn’t work.

  • Can you paste some of the keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Windows and Office?

    That would be über awesome!



    • hey jen! sorry, i don’t have any for microsoft windows or office, maybe google it?

  • Hi! I keep getting an error when I try to access the link ( Am I doing this wrong? I love these guides and wanted to download them!

    • hi jacque! sad, it seems as though their website is down. i’m not sure what the story is, but if you google search adobe shortcut keys you can find several options as well. so sorry!

  • wow!!
    I send aobe keys file e-mail

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