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diy stenciled onesies (8)

diy stencilled onesies (9)

after falling in love with alison's freezer paper stencilled onesies, i knew i had to make several of my own for bear. to help me accomplish the task, i decided to turn the whole project into a baby shower activity. it was a huge hit! basically, i prepared all the onesies and stencils ahead of time, then we all sat around and painted them together at the shower. it turned out to be really special and super fun!

diy stencilled onesies (10)

for the three above, i used alison's stencils (you can grab the download on her website). aren't they adorable? of course, i couldn't resist the bear. :)

for the rest, i decided to design my own stencils, which i'm so happy to share with you today! just click on the image above to download the multi-page pdf. :) here's the how to:


- exacto knife
- cutting mat
- templates (download here)
- freezer paper (available at the grocery store)
- onesies (i used gerber's organic onesies)
- paint brushes
- fabric/craft paint (we used martha stewart's all purpose craft paint)

diy stencilled onesies (1)

step 1: begin by printing out the templates and selecting the ones you'd like to work with.

diy stencilled onesies (2)

step 2: place a piece of freezer paper over the printed template. hint: it helps to tape these in place!

diy stencilled onesies (3)

step 3: using the exacto knife, carefully cut out the pattern. be sure to save the “inside” parts where you don’t want paint. like the insides of this guy's ears.

diy stencilled onesies (6)

step 4: iron the freezer paper onto the onesie, shiny side down. be sure to also insert a piece of cardboard behind the fabric before you begin painting, to keep the paint from bleeding through.

diy stencilled onesies (5)

step 5: paint your designs! get creative and most importantly, have fun!

diy stencilled onesies (16)

step 7: let the paint completely dry before removing the freezer paper (we waited about 1 hour). you can see that these hanging above look a little 'messy' because we haven't removed the paper yet.

diy stencilled onesies (7)

step 8: remove the paper and see your designs!

diy stencilled onesies (11)

step 9: in order to 'heat set', turn all the onesies inside out and place in the dryer on high for 30 minutes. then, wash and wear like normal.

and of course, this diy doesn't just pertain to onesies! use the same method to make beautiful pillows, t-shirts and more!


  • These look amazing!

  • Such a cute and fun idea. I will definitely be making some for my baby boy. :)

  • They are just so cute and professional looking. Thanks for the DIY!

  • Oh I love these so much!! The fox and arrows are my favorite. And what a handy tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  • pretty cool!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

  • Hey, this is lovely!

    I hope you don’t mind that i pinned it and also featured it on my blog :)

  • too cute ! thanks for sharing ! i posted the link here :

  • Thank you for the super cute stencils and the inspiration! Adorable and perfect!

  • These are so adorable and what an awesome idea on the onesies!

  • So cute! I’ll be trying this soon…but before I do, is there supposed to be a “Step 6” or should I just ignore the numbering?

    • oh, sorry sue! just ignore the numbering mistake. :)

  • What kind of paint did u use?

    • nell, the paint i used is listed in the supplies above.

  • Why not just print directly to freezer paper instead of tracing onto freezer paper after printing onto regular paper.

    • susan, you’ll have to try it and let us know how it goes!

  • I print on freezer paper all the time. You can cut 8.5 x 11 from a roll, or you can purchase the precut sheets. I’m too cheap to do that, LOL! I just cut my own.

  • Thanks!

  • Aww! These are adorable and it’s so clever. :)

    All She Needs

  • Hi just thinking of making some of these myself and was wondering how they wear after washing them multiple times. Also did you have any trouble with the paint coming off in the wash and going onto other clothes?

    • hi kayley! i’m happy to report that bear wore his until he outgrew them and they were washed constantly. the paint might have cracked slightly, but they continued to look GREAT and never came off at all! be sure to ‘heat set’ them as i described above. have fun!

  • Did you water down your paint or did you just very lightly paint it? I love the water color like look to these onesies. I’ve used the freezer paper method to make shirts before but I usually go for a solid look. I really have to experiment to figure out how you got the water color look because I adore these.

    • hey lisa! we didn’t do either – we just used it as it was and they turned out great! have fun. :)

  • Hey Bonnie,
    I tried to download the pdf, but it wouldn’t load on my computer! I love these stencils and can’t wait to use them with bleach pen on top of some hand-dyed onsies! Thank you so much for the stencils!

    • hey anna! try right clicking on the link and selecting ‘save link as’ – or maybe try downloading from a different browser? if not luck, feel free to email me!

  • wow those are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing the stencils!

  • Thanks so much for posting such and awesome and creative post! My onesies turned out incredible. Can’t figure out how to post a pic!

  • Bonnie,
    Your designs are adorable!! Do you mind if I use them commercially? So far, I’ve just sold vinyl decals to friends, and I’d love to use your designs within some of my own designs. If not, I totally understand. Thank you for sharing so we can use them personally. They are super cute. :)

    • hey savannah! unfortunately, these are for personal use only as i’ve licensed some of them myself. if you’d like to chat more about possibly purchasing a license for them, you can shoot me an email and we can discuss! :)

  • Can I buy copy of stencils for onsies

  • THANK you very much for sharing these templates! Lovely!

  • i really love these! What kind of paint did you use?

  • Can i post your link on my blog?!

    • yes, of course! thanks!

  • Hi Bonnie,
    I am trying to download the stencils for my baby shower on the weekend, and when I click on it the page won’t load. I have tried using another browser and the same thing happens! :(

    Are you able to email me the stencils please?

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to have my girlfriends and I create these on the weekend:)

  • This might be a dumb question, but what heat setting did you use to iron on the freezer paper?

    • hey! i used a medium-high setting, with no steam. :)

  • Hi Bonnie! Can you tell me which colors of the paint you used? Did it come as a set? The link for the Martha Stewart paint is invalid. Thank you and this is exactly what I’m looking for, for a baby shower I’m throwing next month. Thank you!!

    • hi racquel! hmm, i can’t tell you which colors because i can’t remember! i just picked out several i liked from our local craft store. michael’s also carries martha stewart paints. if you google ‘martha stewart all purpose craft paints’ you’ll find them. have fun!

  • Hey Bonnie! I am working on cutting my stencils now for a baby shower (thanks for this! these are sooo perfect!) and I’m a little stuck on how to keep pieces that I want to stay inside the stencil (like your example with the ears above). Did you just save those tiny pieces and put them on the onsies individually by hand before ironing? Thanks again!

    • Yes, that’s right! I think once you get started, you’ll figure out how to get the look you’re going for. I bet they will be so cute!

  • my freezer paper wont iron on at all :( it literally doesnt do a thing.

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