diy wax resist dip dyed onesies

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diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (8)

in addition to the dip dyed wall hangings i did a while back, i also dip dyed several onesies using the same wax resist technique! rather than spending loads of money on cute little outfits for bear, i decided to just grab a few plain white organic cotton onesies and decorate them myself (like i did with these stencilled onesies). i love how they turned out!

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (9)

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies


- plain white onesies (i used gerber's organics)
- soy wax (or beeswax)
- a paintbrush
- printed templates (download here)
- a hot plate (or way to heat the wax and keep it hot)
- dye (i used cushing's perfect dyes, but you could use any type, like rit)
- salt
- paper towels
- iron

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (1)

step 1: melt your wax. i used soy wax (it's eco friendly and super easy to clean up after!). i also used a tin container and hot plate, however feel free to get creative. keep it on the stove, or even possibly dip right out of a burning candle (?). just be careful not to burn yourself! the most important thing is to make sure the wax stays hot enough (but below it's flash point) to soak into the fabric itself. it won't work if it just lays on top of the fabric (you'll be able to tell the difference).

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (2)

step 2: insert the printed template of choice inside the onesie (behind the first layer of fabric).

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (3)

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (4)

step 3: beging 'painting' on your design using the wax and paint brush, tracing over the design. this is the fun part!

step 4: once the wax is dry to the touch, submerge your fabric into cool water to soak it (will make the dye more even). then, dye your fabric according according to package instructions (this probably calls for adding salt to the water). here's where you can get creative! dip dye, totally submerge, or leave parts in longer than other areas to give it more of an ombre look. important: the most important thing i learned is that you need to dye your fabric in cool-warm water. if the water is too hot, it'll melt the wax and ruin all your hard work!

step 5: let your hanging completely air dry.

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (5)

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (6)

step 6: to remove the wax: place a paper towel on both the top and bottom of your fabric where the wax is. iron on top of the paper towels until all the wax has heated and lifted from the fabric (the paper towels will absorb it).

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (7)

diy wax resist dip dyed onesies (10)

be careful, this can be addicting! and of course, it's not limited to just onesies. think pillows, tea towels, t-shirts and more!


  • love!! thanks for sharing this bonnie;)

  • Fantastic project! Those little onesies look soooo cute. Thanks.

  • Cute! These might be fun to make for my baby niece.

  • Precious!!!!!Thank You <3

  • What a cute project! I was just wondering what colors you used to dye the onsesies? Thanks!

    • hey sarah! oh, i’m sorry i don’t remember! i tossed the containers out once i was done. i should have noted the exact colors, so sorry! i got them at my local craft store and they were made by w. cushing and company.

  • Is there anyway to but these so I can use them for stencils for a small business use?

    • hi ashley! send me an email and we can discuss the options! xo, bonnie

  • It doesn’t let me download. Please help.

  • Bonnie,

    How do I purchase the wreath so that I can make an adult t-shirt this way and do you have any suggestions for the best t-shirt (brand) to use?

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