spring cleaning printable checklist

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spring cleaning printable checklist

even though i dread it all year long, each spring i somehow get super excited and motivated to give our house a good deep cleaning. i think the warmer weather must just make me want to open up my windows, turn on some music and get to cleaning! i made a list of the top 12 things i like to do each year, and thought i'd share them with you as well. just click on the image above to download a printable pdf version.

anything you'd like to add to the list? share them with us in the comments section!



  • Okay, this is adorable! Cleaning will be so much more fun with this to lead me along:) Thanks for sharing.

  • Instead maybe of throwing out expired medication or vitamins – see if your local pharmacy will take them back to properly dispose of them! Here, most do, so they don’t end up in landfills and leaching into groundwater. :)

    • maggie, yes definitely! thanks for sharing this, i certainly recommend disposing of them properly! :)

  • Hello Bonnie,

    Your list is definitely on my list, thanks!

  • I agree 100% with Maggie. Pharmaceuticals should NEVER been thrown out. They should be disposed of through a local org, pharmacy, etc.

  • No doubt nesting will help you out this year! Also, definitely saving this list! Thanks :)

  • Great checklist. You covered a few things I believe most people probably glance over, like expired medicine & cosmetic supplies and dryer ducts. I was thinking of making a house cleaning checklist like this, you gave me some ideas to go off of. Thanks Bonnie!

  • This is definitely my list of cleaning, which i am practicing every time i start my whole cleaning. I love throwing away old and unimportant objects.

  • I would love to share this checklist with my real estate clients! Is this okay to share with your blog on the bottom? Thank you!

    • Oh course! Thanks, Nicole!

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