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this year, husband and i are determined to settle into a permanent homestead. we're exhausted from hopping around the country and moving on average once a year (whew!), so this is our year. brevard will be our permanent  so it's time to stop renting and start homesteading! lucky for us, my sister-in-law just married an incredibly talented leed certified contractor. woohoo! our options are simple: purchase and renovate or build from scratch.

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though we haven't made up our minds completely on which direction we'll go, we can't stop bookmarking the things we love, looking at house plans and browsing real estate. though we would need to reduce it's size a bit, this modern farmhouse in chester, sc definitely tickles our fancy (that means, we love it!). designed by architect ken pursley, it's the perfect mix of modern and farm. constructed to allow as much sunlight in as possible, it's in my book absolutely perfect.

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to learn more: read about the farmhouse, view it's pictures, meet the architect and see more from this photographer.


  • I can’t wait to see y’all’s new place when you find it/build it! I’m sure it will be absolutely stunning!

  • Have you looked around Island Ford Road? There is a lot of real estate up for sale when I drive by. There is a really pretty lot near Gwynn Valley.

  • Absolutely love this home. Gorgeous!

  • That is such a gorgeous house! Love the eating space :) Hope your house hunting goes well and you find something you love.


  • it’s beautiful!

  • How exciting! Those windows in the home (above) are stunning!! Cant wait to follow your journey for your farmhouse homestead ;)

  • I have always loved the idea of a house design based on a the esthetic of old farm buildings. This house reminds me of the old grainery that we tore down years ago in order to build our own house on the spot (we used the old well to save on money). We were real back to the land do-it-yourselfers back in 1976! I would LoVe this house to pieces!

  • fabulous! i would love to live in a home like that.

  • oh, bonnie this house is amazing! and I know whatever home you build/remodel will be just as amazing! long time no comment…but I still check in every day…hope you are doing well!!

    • aw, hey jes! checked in on you a few weeks ago.. miss you!

  • Love the rope railing!!!

  • DO IT !!!!

  • Wow, you don’t really get a sense of scale until you see the second photo! Gorgeous :)

  • beautiful farm house! gosh, who wouldn’t love that?! we live on a farm and built our house almost 30 years ago…it was a really good experience…now that my husband’s parents are gone, we are considering moving into their l908 farmhouse and rennovating (boy does it need it!)…our oldest son wants to buy our house…lots to think about but when i see pictures such as these, i think it just might be work all the hassle!

  • Bonnie! I’ve never commented before, but I was drawn to this post. My family lives in Brevard (me, sadly, in Boston), and I dream of moving there often! Happy wishes on planting yourself in such a beautiful area of our world.

    • aw, nice to meet you cara! love brevard. :)

  • I love the farmhouse. Congrats on putting down roots! It’s an exciting time of life. I had to chuckle about your “simple” options. Obviously both have their place, but I’m thinking you would enjoy renovating. It’s a great experience when you get to put new life back into an old building.
    Either way you go, I’m sure you’ll make it a lovely home.

  • You’re right Bonnie, it’s perfect! Sigh…

  • Approximate structure cost new build? Love this home.

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