vegan valentine’s day recipes

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vegan valentine's day recipes

with valentine's day just around the corner (it's in 2 days, people!) i thought i'd share my annual round up of vegan valentine's day dinner recipes (you can see last year's here). it's easy to get stumped when there's a special occasion on the horizon, so i hope these sweet and savory options will get your gears turning. this year, we're planning to just stay in, eat a special meal and maybe watch a movie. though i haven't quite decided yet what i'll make, i've been eying this recipe for ravioli and this one for vanilla icing shots (yum!).

what will you be cooking this year?

above: roasted chili ravioli | mushroom & spinach pockets | shepherd's stew | simple tomato soup | spicy crisp tofu | vegetable pot pies | vegetables wellington redux

below: chocolate cake balls | chocolate cupcakes with buttercream | chocolate mini tarts | chocolate strawberries | chocolate frosting shots | sparkling cranberries

vegan valentine's day recipes


  • Mmm, those spinach pockets and chocolate cake balls look gooood! ;)


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