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a love note

hey everyone! in honor of valentine's day, i just wanted to say.. well.. i love you! thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of going home to roost, and helping to cultivate this amazing creative community. you guys are the best, seriously! i couldn't do what i do without you (nor would i want to) and it means so much to me that each of you stop by each day to check in on what's going on in the land of ghtr. i hope your day (and every day) is filled with love, light and laughter and that you get to spend it with your most favorite person on earth.

speaking of, my most favorite person on earth just called and wants me to meet him in town this morning, so i'm signing off to spend the day with my love. see you tomorrow! love, bonnie


  • Hi Bonnie! What a nice message on V-day! Today I spent my Valentines Day going to have my first ultrasound. I’m seven weeks pregnant! The love I have felt for that thumping heartbeat has no limits! Hope you have a lovely day with David and my friend Toaster. Romy

  • Happy Valentine’s Day Bonnie!

  • Hi Bonnie,
    I don’t really celebrate Valentine but I just had to comment on your beautiful note sent to us. Being apart of your “Roost” team is such a great experience and Thank You!

  • we love you too! keep up the great work!

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