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one of my favorite gifts i purchased this year was this book for david from artifact uprising. i'm constantly taking photos with my phone and as i was browsing through them one day, realized just how much they meant to me. each of them are full of memories, and remind us of the places we've been and things we've done.

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the moment i discovered artifact uprising, i fell in love. their photo books and memoirs are sensational, and their love for preserving photography really shows through. they strive to cultivate creativity and community, and make telling our stories easy and beautiful. they believe in archiving the story for future generations, and moving our stories off our computers and into our lives.

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when it dawned on me, i was so excited. i wanted to make a book of the most momentousus photos from 2012 and show them in chronological order. it would be a picture book of our entire year! and i plan to make one at the end of every year, so that we can start building a library of our lives through pictures.
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i quickly downloaded all the photos i had taken and shared on instagram (i used this handy site) and since they were already in chronological order, my job was easy. delete the ones that didn't have much meaning, and keep the ones that were special (ok, that part wasn't actually that easy). i then used artifact uprising's built in designer to make the book and ordered it right away.

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It arrived just in time for christmas and it was so incredibly beautiful. the pages feel so good it really makes you feel like your holding something extra special- and to us, we're literally flipping through the pages of our lives.


  • I’ve been looking for a way to bring my instagram photos to life. This looks perfect.

  • sensational idea! I should do the same. :)

  • Such an awesome idea!

  • It’s a really beautiful book. How many of us older folks have boxes of pictures (under the bed, in a drawer or cedar chest, etc.) How I wish they were all organized in a book like this!

  • Bonnie!

    Thank you for such kind words. Your photographs and voice are beautiful and it’s so humbling to see this post coming from you. Here’s to great things for your year!!

  • I read about artifact uprising on another blog recently, too — I just LOVE the look of those books!

  • What a great idea. I take so many photos and keep them all on my external. I need to display them

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