september jam

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september jam

i know it's not september, but this jam make me wish it was. straight from juls' kitchen in tuscany, this september jam calls for wine grapes, figs and fall apples- yum! it's been a while since i've made jam (two summers ago to be exact) and i miss having homemade jam on hand. last time i made some we went to an organic raspberry farm and picked several baskets of fresh raspberries right before we made it. it was amazing (and so fun)! this year i hope to make some fall flavored jams, and will definitely be bookmarking this recipe for when the time comes. do you have a favorite jam recipe?


  • I love these colors – I’m thinking of something like this for our master bedroom. :)

  • I am a jam making junkie. There. I said it.
    There are too many to choose a favorite but when you threw the question out, the first thing that popped into my mind is the plum basil I made last summer. Our neighbor has lived on her property for 19 years, all this time thinking that her damsum plum tree was an ornamental plum. It didn’t occur to her to learn more about the tree until she noticed her horse eating the plums.
    These small, deep wine colored plums are impossible to pit so I steam juiced them anticipating that the by product would be little more than a heap of dehydrated skin and pits. Not so. I had a steamer kettle full of reduced pulp that just would not dry down.
    So, being the waste not wanter not that I am, I labored over cleaning out all the pits and then made a basil plum jam from the pulp.
    Oh. My. It is my favorite jam of all that I’ve made so far!! A closed second is the peach basil I make each summer too. Then again, the rhubarb strawberry and rhubarb/strawberry/blackcurrant are both to die for too. I cut WAY back on the sugar and reduce the fruit longer. I kinda like to taste the actual fruit rather than a mouth full of slightly fruit flavored sugar syrup. :) (A little trick I learned when certifying as a Master Food Preserver through our state university extension).
    On a side note, any jam with a little surprise is always something I’m on the hunt for – jalapeno, rosemary, basil…things you wouldn’t normally think to add.
    I’ve book marked this jam and look forward to trying it!

    • oh stephanie, that sounds amazing!! thanks for sharing!

  • I don’t have a recipe (shame on me), but my grandma makes the most incredible but simple raspberry jam. Yum!

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