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simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration

simple living inspiration  simple living inspiration

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sometimes i can find myself all wrapped up in the 'go go go' of this world, forgetting about my mission to lead a simpler way of life. just taking some time to soak in some images of simple moments can help me recenter myself, my goals and my priorities. i hope a few of these pictures will help you do the same!

do you find yourself getting caught up in the fast pace of this world? if so, how do you return to living a simpler life?


  • Bonnie I totally get this. We so desperately want to live a ‘quiet,simple life’ but sometimes David and I get caught up in a culture that tells us we have to have more, and be more to be happy. I always refocus myself by reading the word, my old journals, and flipping through my favorite tiny/green home house plans! And by reminding myself that to me,less is always more. And my peace and happiness comes from ‘being’ instead of having.

  • I struggle with this every day. I work in a fast-paced industry, and am also in school full time, so I’m constantly on the go. I’m actually finding it very difficult to refocus and remind myself of the simpler pleasures. I’m hoping to focus on what makes me happy over the coming months, and making room in my too-full schedule to do these things.

  • Bonnie, I can completely relate. I also think these photos do a good job of reflecting what it means to live a simple life: clean, clutter free, curated. Filling our lives with objects, people, and activities that we value must be the best place to start.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    • oh, nice imagery, girls! ahhh…

  • I feel exactly the same! I always imagine myself living in a small wooden house on top of a hill in the Swiss countryside (with sheep), when things get too busy.

  • Hi Bonnie,

    been reading your blog for a while now and just found this and absolutely love the pictures and the inspiration behind them. This can be a real struggle – last september we had some unusually warm days in London and I decided not to do any work that day ( I work for myself) and instead made a cake and met my husband in the park for a picknick. I feel really guilty at moments like that, when it’s really just living in the moment with the ones we love. Whenever I feel like I’m too taken up by trying to have more and achieve more, I look at some pictures I have of my mum (who is serenity and contentment personified). Pictures of her gardening, baking etc. Makes everything simpler.
    Sorry, long comment, just felt inspired to share :)

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