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diy copper + glass vases (5)

i've been looking for something small and sweet to hang next to my workspace, and have finally found the answer! after roaming the isles of our local hardware store, inspiration struck when i laid eyes on a pair of copper bell hangers. i just so happend to have a couple of glass test tubes at home that would fit perfectly and snuggly inside.

the actual diy was super fast and incredibly simple. AND, it costs less than $5 bucks!

here's what you need:

- 1" copper plated bell hanger(s)
- 20mm glass test tube with a rim
- drywall anchor(s) (if not hanging in a stud)


remove the top curved piece by loosening the two clamp screws. using the included mounting screw, screw the base of the bell hanger into the wall (be sure to first use a drywall anchor if not drilling into a stud). attach the top curved piece back into place by tightening the clamp screws. insert the glass test tube. fill with water and a beautiful bloom! hint: i also placed a small piece of foam on the inside to secure the glass better (you can see it in the picture above). not a necessary step, but good measure for extra stability.

also pictured here are a set of new hexagon shelves by haase handcraft! it's no secret that i have a think for honeycomb shapes, and these fill my workspace so beautifully. the pretty blackberry print is from ez pudewa and the letter tray is from ikea.


  • This is such a great little DIY Bonnie! I’m a huge fan of copper and I’ve been looking for ways to add more interesting displays of plants and flowers in my house. This one is really easy and pretty!


  • So sweet!

  • That is so cute Bonnie!

  • I have always loved wall vases and these are simple and perfect for those small spaces!

  • Hello! I need to buy some this copper and glasés wall bases. Tell me pelease!

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