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wall of fabric! (1)

as our home starts to come together, i'm excited to share more and more of it with you. spring fever has hit and i've been checking off several projects i've been thinking about for a long time. this one may be my favorite. :)

for every fabric collection i design, i'm over-the-moon-excited to receive a bolt of each piece. seriously, when i get this package in the mail i leap for joy! i use this fabric for marketing, giveaways, blog hops, sample sewing and of course a few personal projects as well! it also leaves me with bundles of bolts, and along with it, a bit of a storage dilemma.

a wall of fabric! (3)

storage dilemma solved! i've been staring at this blank wall behind my workspace for a year. the steps lead up to my sewing room, so when the ideas struck to hang my fabric i couldn't resist! now it doubles at artwork and doesn't take up any floor space in my tiny sewing room.

a wall of fabric! (1)

i know there are probably not very many of you who have bolts and bolts of fabric like this, but you could always roll your fabric around a tube to store it in the same way. to hang them, i drilled holes in the bottom of 1.5" wooden round discs (like this) and strung twine up through the center of the tube (a knot in the bottom holds the disc in place). i then used super hooks to hang them- those things are amazing!

wall of fabric! (2)

also shown here are my favorite new hexagon shelves and some faux white taxidermy.

a wall of fabric! (2)


  • What a cool idea. Fabric as art!

  • What a great idea! For those of us with smaller stashes, you could always use a tube of that length and wrap several lines of fabric on. Hmmm :)

    Your fabric is spectacular and I always enjoy looking at it! So pretty :) Cindy

  • What a creative solution to a storage problem! It looks so pretty & inspiring! :)

  • Terrific idea! Art, great storage, and you can see what you have to work with at one glacé!

  • Awesome Idea! I love to look at fabric and be inspired and this would allow you to do it everyday!

  • I totally love this idea! Now you can always look at your beautiful fabric, and so can others when they stop by. Very cool.

  • What a great idea! I love how it creates a beautiful wall display and makes it easy to change and reach for a bolt when you’re working on a project. Great display to stare at when you’re working on your computer too.

  • What a beautiful wall!!!

  • What a brilliant and inspiring idea. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by the work of your “hands” and the things you love.

  • So clever, and your designs look beautiful!

  • Love it!!!

  • Hi Bonnie, I love this idea! It looks so amazing.

    Sarah x

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