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goodbye november, hello december! can you believe it's here? it's really, really here! for me, december is a time for reflection, rest and rejuvenation. of course, it also means making gifts, planning gatherings and lots of time spent with family. it's truly my favorite month of the year! what will december bring for you? xox, bonnie

to download december’s backgrounds: click on the coordinating image above, then right click on the image and select ‘set as desktop background’ or save and download to your phone.


to download the printable version: click on the image above to download the PDF calendar. print on heavy card stock (my favorite is premium presentation paper by epson). punch a whole at the top to hang or simply stack.

please note: all images, patterns and designs © bonnie christine | going home to roost. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog (i’d be delighted!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file. thank you!


  • I love this December calendar! I set it as my wallpaper and just noticed it is showing December 1st falling on a Saturday instead of a Monday – just FYI. :)

  • Love this new calendar, but the dates are off :(

  • I absolutely love your desktop calendars, I download them every month. Except it looks like you started off December wrong, the 1st of December 2014 should start on Monday (today) Just wanted to give you a heads up :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  • Hi. I love your calendars and have used them on my desktop each month this year! Thank you for doing them.
    I immediately set this month’s calendar to my desktop and, upon looking at it closely, noticed that December 1 (on your calendar) begins on a Saturday. I just wanted to draw your attention to it, since the 1st (today) is a Monday. I hope you have a lovely day! Thanks again, for the beautiful calendars!


  • Happy December! I LOVE your free downloads. Thank you! I think that December is a little off. I had to double check a couple times as I’m still a walking zombie after Thanksgiving break, but today is Dec 1 (the download has the first on a Saturday) — I’m eager to download & wanted to let you know. ;) Thanks again!

  • I believe you used December 2013’s calendar instead of 2014. Today (Monday) is the first, not last Saturday.

    • oopsie – sorry everyone! my brain was still in november. :) i’ve updated it now – thank you!

  • Uh, that background is sooo beautiful! Love it!
    Just as basically every design of you.

    • thank you annika! you’re so sweet! :)

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