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build your own hairpin leg tables via going home to roost (5)

several months ago, my dad gave me some old barn wood he had laying around (he knows me well!). i've been stowing them, just waiting for project inspiration to strike. and then it hit me- hairpin legs! i've been needing two skinny tables, one for under a mirror in our guest room (above) and one to use as a side table beside our sofa (below).

side note: see the it is well with my soul diy here!

build your own hairpin leg tables via going home to roost (3)

build your own hairpin leg tables

this small version is the perfect size for right beside our sofa. i'm not going to lie, with baby bear around this table usually remains empty, but this is the way i would style it if tiny hands weren't grabbing at all the things all the time. haha!

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it was really easy to attach the legs. first, i marked on the big wooden boards where i needed them cut and had david size them down using a table saw. for such a small project though, i could have easily used a utility hand saw (girl power!).

i ordered the hair pin legs from and they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. all i had to do was attach them using 3 small screws (per leg). using a power screwdriver was a must for this step.

even though my boards were weathered and warped slightly they are even and very sturdy. the perfect addition, yes?!

build your own hairpin leg tables via going home to roost (4)

hairpin legs: 20" and 28" brushed steel
Karlstad sofa (IKEA)
tutorial here on replacing Karlstad sofa legs


  • Last night I went to bed thinking of this project and it came to my mind the possibility to paint the pin legs the same mint color as the ikea couch. Is it crazy?
    Also, it would be a great idea to know how you take care of your plants and how you avoid Bear to eat them!

  • Another beautiful DIY! Thanks! Where do you find your pretty bottles?

    • hi barbara! i found the bottles at a few different antique stores. :)

  • I’m in love with hairpin legs! I’ve yet to find a space that needs a new piece of furniture though… maybe when we finish our basement.

    Great DIY, love the weathered look of the boards!

  • What inch height did you get & are those brushed steel?

    • yes they are brushed and i believe they are 20″. :)

  • I love you couch! Can you tell me anything about it? Brand, where you bought it…?

    • hey amanda! it’s the ‘karlstad’ from ikea! :)

  • Hello Bonnie,

    I came across your blog researching hairpin legs and I was wondering if you recall what length you used for the very top picture of this post for the console height table? Would you say that console under the mirror is at waist height (i’m 5′ 2″ if it helps)? I would most appreciate the reply :)

    • i’m 5’2″ as well! yes, i would say it’s waist height. i can measure them if you like?

  • I don’t want to put you to through much trouble, but it would help me as i am building a display for an art show. Thank you very much for your time!

    • hey! no problem at all! they are 28″. :)

  • Hi Bonnie! Love the tables :) I have the same IKEA couch and am wondering where you got the couch legs? Thanks!

  • Hi for the sofa side table did you order “raw steel” as the color for the legs? Also can you get the wood at Lowe’s? Thanks

    • hi ees! so sorry for the delay! the legs are ‘raw steel’ and i simply measured the height of my sofa to figure the length (18″ i believe). this particular wood was scrap leftover from a barn being torn down, but you should be able to find something similiar by searching for ‘salvaged wood’ or ‘old barn wood’ in your area. best of luck!

  • Oops also what is the measurements of the sofa side table? Thanks again :)

  • This is such a nice DIY inspiration. I have to show this to my mom. She is just like your dad in some ways, she keeps a trunk filled with pallets and logs of wood (just in case) . Haha. This is a perfect decor element for the living room and simple to make too. Btw is there any coating that you might have done on this wood to avoid termites or anything of that sort to keep it from going bad?

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