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design challenge for intro to surface pattern design by bonnie christine

hi everyone! i'm pleased to announce the design challenge i'm hosting along with my brand new skillshare class: intro to surface pattern design! of course, students aren't required to participate, but i always think it's fun to get involved and see what everyone's creating. plus, the winner gets a big bundle of pretties! the deadline isn't until march 31st, so that gives everyone about 6 weeks to work on their project!

to participate: you'll first need to enroll in the course. next, all you have to do to enter is upload your assignment as you work to the student project area!

challenge deadline: march 31st, 2015

challenge requirements: show each step of your work:

- inspiration board
- sketches & any hand lettering
- photograph/s for color palette
- photograph/s for illustrating
- individual motifs
- final repeating pattern

the winner will be selected on the following criteria:

- how well they share their process
- how well they follow course instructions
- their final pattern's style, color and scale

challenge prizes

- ten 1/2 yards of any of my fabric collections (your choice)
- lifetime membership to the roost tribe
- set of 6 of my sewing patterns
- set of 6 art prints from course presentations
- work featured on going home to roost
- set of 6 of my greeting cards

best of luck everyone! i can't wait to see what you create! xx, bonnie


  • Sooooooo exciting!! Thank you for such an amazing challenge!

  • This is awesome! Can’t wait to get started. <3 Just finished watching (most of) your creative live course. You've inspired me to jump in and make things happen. :)

  • I just took your class today and it was wonderful. I was excited for this challenge, but just realized the deadline is today :(

    • hey emilay! haha, don’t fret! i JUST announced a design challenge for the follow up course (SPD 2.0) yesterday. maybe you can join in for that one?

      • Thanks Bonnie! The follow-up course is the one I took yesterday. I must have read that wrong and thought that was for the one I had just taken. Thrilled to hear it! I have already begun throwing ideas around and doing some sketching.

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