Succulence at Spring Quilt Market

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Succulence by Bonnie Christine at Spring Quilt Market (8)

hey everyone! as you might have followed over on instagram, we've just returned from spring quilt market! though minneapolis was beautiful, we got back home nearly an entire day late due to delays and cancelled flights (i know several of you had issues traveling this week, too!). needless to say, i think this is the first morning i feel back in my groove. so, it's time to share a little of my booth with you!

for this market, i debuted my upcoming fabric line, succulence for art gallery fabrics (available this september!). this collection was inspired by the plant i always fill my home with - succulents! it's earthy and cheerful and filled with terrariums, plants and found bits of nature. i've even sprinkled a few metallics in there!

i wanted my booth to resemble an old home where years and years of layered wallpaper had been scraped away. we had so much fun hanging it (amazing quality from spoonflower!), and then ripping and tearing it away from the wall. one of the most fun things about market is having an excuse to try anything you want!

Succulence by Bonnie Christine at Spring Quilt Market (6)

i couldn't have done it without my mom, maxie makes. she made about half of my samples and helped me set up and break down. the above hanging book mobiles is just one of the projects that she worked on. i just love how they turned out!

Succulence by Bonnie Christine at Spring Quilt Market (7)

we found these huge foam flowers on sale at a local shop that was going out of business, and i'm so glad we did! i wasn't sure they would make it after being scrunched up our suitcases, but they fluffed back up beautifully. i have them home with me now and hope to hang them in the nursery soon!

maxie makes also made these two pretty handbags. we're planning on sharing a pattern for them soon!

Succulence by Bonnie Christine at Spring Quilt Market (5)

Succulence at Spring Quilt Market

as usual, i used my silhouette cameo to help with several aspects of the booth! i cut the vinyl lettering at home as well as all the paper petals for the flowers on the wall (i used this tutorial from lia griffith). i'm telling you, this machine is amazing!

Succulence by Bonnie Christine at Spring Quilt Market (4)

Succulence at Spring Quilt Market

for the booth, we also made a sew together bag (above left), the agate quilt from purl bee, a stuffed bunny rabbit and a petal play quilt. we had so much fun! 

did you got to quilt market? if so, what was your favorite discovery?


  • Wow, the booth looked amazing & you and your mom are adorable :)

  • Wow, Bonnie! This is simply amazing! Love love love. You outdid yourself. :)

    • thanks everyone! wish you could have all been there! :)

  • Wow!! Your booth is drool worthy…I’d totally pay for your design skills! This is part of the crafting a creative business that I struggle with!!

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