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vintage lace appliqued onesies (9)

after falling in love with the vintage lace appliques we used on these handmade onesies, i knew i had to use more of them! i recently added a simple lace applique to an entire stack of organic onesies for our little girl and absolutely love the sweet touch it gave them.

here's what i used:

an array of vintage laces and appliques. a few of my favorite etsy shops for vintage lace appliques are threads 2 trends, textile art lace, to lace with love & petshopgirl32.

organic onesies by dor dor & gor gor. i specifically purchased these short sleeve onesies (in several different sizes) and a single long sleeve onesie from amazon. these are by far the nicest onesies i have ever seen! they are organic, all natural and dye free and they have the softest feel and hand to them. absolutely incredible quality!

fabric glue stick. i also used a fabric glue stick to gently adhere the lace appliques in place before taking them to the sewing machine. it was much easier than using pins!

this project is so quick and easy to do. all you have to do is quickly top stitch around each applique, and you're done! i also love that these laces are so light and soft and they definitely keep the inside of the onesie feeling soft against the baby's skin. once she outgrows these onesies, i plan on removing the appliques for use the next project as well!

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