My First Woven Wall Hanging

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i am so very delighted to share with you my very first woven wall hanging! i have to admit, i was so scared to start this project. i looked at my empty loom for months, overwhelmed by the possibilities and not knowing how or where to begin. but as i always say, the hardest part is just getting started. once i actually did, i had so much fun! i think it's officially safe to say I'M HOOKED!

i wanted to create something whimsical, feminine and fluffy (as my husband calls it) for our newborn daughter, ollie doe. so of course, i had to add her name in tiny gold letters! i absolutely love the way it turned out and can't wait to start making more of them.

i definitely had a few favorite tutorials i referred to and a couple of resources and tools that i fell in love with as well. just in case you're interested in diving into the world of weaving, i'll share them with you as well!

favorite tutorials along the way:

tutorials and posts from loom & spindle
learn to weave - tips from etsy
diy woven wall hanging

favorite tools i used along the way:

loom from wood creek looms
gold letters from BBB supplies
handmade tapestry bobbins
golden needle
copper pipe from lowes
i got most of my yarn and roving from a semi-local yarn shop, silver threads and golden needles (not available online).

Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (2)

Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (3)

Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (5)

Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (7)

Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (10)

Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (9)


a splash of gold and my daughter's name.

and just for size reference, here she is! you know she's big when i could hide behind her 39 weeks pregnant. ;)


  • I’m hoping mine turns out half as beautiful as yours!

  • beautiful Bonnie! The colors are so soothing and the added touch of your daughter’s name is perfect. :)

  • It has been worth every hour spent doing it! I looks gorgeous! My favorite part are the fluffy ones.

    • thank you, sweet romy!

  • OHhhhh my goodness!! This is my favorite ever!! what size loom did you use? About how much did it cost with the loom, yarn and everything? I LOVE the ollie doe! What a sweet name :) Also… your hair in that picture is on point. lol! Love it!

    • hey brigid! you are so sweet, thank you thank you! for this weaving, i used the largest loom that wood creek offers. i really didn’t keep track of how much i spent, but i probably bought $50-60 worth of yarn (though i have a ton left over!). have fun!! xo

  • Hi Bonnie, would you consider doing this beautiful woven wall-hanging again and selling it? I’m looking for an exact colour-range of woven for my daughter’s nursery. Thanks!!

    • hi mandy! unfortunately, i don’t think i’m experienced enough to take orders. this one took me several months to complete! :) thank you for inquiring though!

  • This is so beautiful! Where can you find the tutorial for the pattern?
    Thank you!

  • This is incredible… especially for your first one! I want to try my hand at weaving, and your finished product has totally inspired me!

  • Can you tell me the heighth and width?

    LOVE this!

  • It is so beautiful. A treasure for your new baby girl!

  • Just saw this and it is stunning! Absolutely LOVE the colours and texture!

  • Exquisite! Beautiful balance of colour & texture. WOW

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