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spring has sprung

| photography

isphotography spring photography
do you follow irene suchocki's photography? it is such a joy to see how her work evolves over time and with each season. if you remember the post i did about her last fall, you'll see what i mean. in her words, she creates poems for the eyes. in my words, i believe she creates poems for our lives.

if you have a few moments, i think you truly would enjoy exploring her world.

visit isphotography: {shop}{blog}{flickr}{facebook}{website}

Dopamine Hearts for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk

| handmade

dopamine hearts{hot pink dopamine molecule heart}

Hello! This is Sasha from over at What. No Mints?

Bonnie has graciously allowed me a little space here to spread the word about a charity event I am supporting called the Parkinson's Unity Walk, which raises money to promote the research and awareness of Parkinson's disease.

dopamine hearts
{aqua blue dopamine molecule heart}

A few months ago, a woman named Bettina (who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 4 years ago at the age of 34) contacted me about collaborating with her and her team by donating some of the proceeds from my Dopamine Heart Pins to the Unity Walk. My immediate thought: Geeky crafts, plus promoting a great cause ... Yes, please!

For those who aren't familiar with the significance of dopamine to those with Parkinson's desease, it is the chemical in the brain that helps you move. In people diagnosed with Parkinson's, the brain stops making it, which results in symptoms such as shaking, moving slowly and difficulty walking. Oftentimes, a drug called L-Dopa (a form of dopamine) is prescribed to ease these symptoms - So it was appropriate that Bettina and her supporters wanted to wear this little molecule as they walked!

dopamine hearts{chartreuse green dopamine molecule heart}

25% of the proceeds from each of the Dopamine Heart Pins I sell will be given directly to the Parkinson's Unity Walk! You can wear it proudly to show your support, and it's certainly a fun conversation-starter! You also have the option to purchase a custom pin in whatever color you choose.

dopamine hearts
{sunny yellow dopamine molecule heart}

The Unity Walk will be held on April 16th, so it would be wonderful if we could raise as much as possible before then - Thanks for your participation!


lovely landscapes

| photography

fox on the run photography
fox on the run photography
fox on the run photography
fox on the run photography
fox on the run features the most lovely landscapes! i am so fond of the vintage feel, serene colors and slightly weathered look that these have. can't you just feel yourself roaming the fields of a tuscan pasture or passing through the grapvines of a vineyard in italy? these pictures take me right there, i can even feel the warm sun on my back and the slight breeze in my hair. ahhh.

birch wood diy

| DIY projects

Hello everyone. I'm so glad being here on GHTR today to show you one of my easy project tutorials I've made recently.My name is Lou and I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I have a blog named Happy Serendipity which is all about crafty inspiration, handmade markets, I have a DIY tutorial each week and a free digital download as well. Being a sewing addict I have an Etsy shop - named HappySerendipity as well. Please stop by and have a look. I will donate 50% of all purchases to the German Red Cross these days to support the victims of Japan. Thank you.

Materials needed:

- Slices of birch tree (available in craft stores or flower shops, I found these at Dawanda)
- Acrylic paint or crayons or sharpies
- Printout of artwork
- Tracing paper
woodblock diy
Trace the artwork on the wood by laying the tracing paper between the draft and the wood.
Use a pencil to draw the lines.
woodblock diy
After tracing everything it should look like this.
woodblock diy
Now you can start to paint. For some I drew a black outline with a black sharpie before painting but that’s
totally up to you.
yay paint
I used either acrylic paint and crayons.
yay paint
The final result looks like this.
you can even use them as coasters!
The final result looks like this.

meet my mom

| bonnie forkner

actually, you've met my mom before, but not quite like this. many of you know that she owns a quilt shop, and that all of my creative qualities are directly derived from her- as she's a total creative genius! she's recently started making some quick videos featuring the latest additions to her shop, and i think they are such a good idea (plus i love to see how cute she is). in the video above, you'll get to meet her and see a bit of her shop. if you see anything you like, i know they are always happy to take phone orders (i used to work there!)- just give them a call!

heavenly creatures

| handmade

heavenly animals
you know i have an affinity for farm animals, so when i ran across heavenly creatures art this week i was in... well, hog heaven! i love the deep texture of her paintings and the intricate detail of their fur and feathers. her shop is also having a great special right now, just click over to find out the details!

forgotten ingredients: chia seeds

| forgotten ingredients

forgotten ingredients: chia seeds
have you ever heard of chia seeds? yes, they are the same seeds that grow on our friendly clay pets, but come to find out they pack immense health benefits! i found my first package while roaming the isles of a local farmers market a few years ago, and after inquiring about their health benefits, decided to give them a try. they have a very mild taste and so are an easy additive to just about any dish. i use them in breads, salads, baked goods, soups and smoothies. you can also use them as a thickening agent (for soups and sauces) by cooking them with a little water for just a few mintues.

*just one note- don't eat the seeds that actually come with a chia pet! instead, head to your local health food store and buy them in bulk.

here are just a few of their power-house benefits:

- omega-3s: chia seeds are the richest plant source of omega-3s, containing more omega-3's than salmon or flax seed.

- fiber: chia seeds are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, as a 25-gram portion contains 7 grams of fiber.

- minerals: chia offers a variety of minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, molybdenum and magnesium, and also contain niacin and folic acid.

- protein: chia seeds contain 20% more protein than other grains or seeds (wheat has 14%) and the protein is of higher quality.

do you already use chia? share with us all the ways that you put in your diet!

picture via green-lemonade. resources: livestrong & wikipedia