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sponsor welcome: lark and key

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lark & key

artist diy huynh and designer sandy snead created lark & key gallery as a way of showcasing their own work as well as the work of other emerging artists. with one incredible artist after another, i like to think of it as a porthole for talent. not only can you discover new artists, jewelry designers and potters, but you can shop their selections as well. there's something for everyone!

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inbox inquiry: healthy eating

| inbox inquiry

inbox inquiry

hello lovelies! a few weeks ago i got a great question pop up in my inbox from ashley of gilded house. i thought you all might be interested in my answer, so i'm turning our inbox covo into a post for you all. let's call it an inbox inquiry!
inbox inquiry: healthy eating

fork, spoon

ashley's question:


"I love your blog and read it everyday so when I had questions in regards to simple, healthy eating I thought about you. I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to food...I can follow a recipe but I'm not creative in the kitchen. So, when it comes to healthy eating...I feel overwhelmed. Do you recommend any recipe books/blogs/websites that speak to easy, organic, healthy eating? I would appreciate any help with this!"

my answer:


hi ashley! thanks for the great question, i would love to share my go-to resources with you! here they are:

the kitchenist: written by a lovely gal named ele, this blog has a fresh from the farmers market feel and one beautifully photographed recipe after another.
roost blog: another blog full of eye candy and delicious recipes, one you're sure to love!
the pioneer woman: a truly extensive library of online recipes from ree drummond.
kath eats: kath logs everything she eats and several recipes. i use her meals as inspiration when i need a quick idea for a health dinner.

simple vegetarian pleasures: with stained pages and doggie-eared corners, this is definitely my favorite cookbook. at first i was disappointed at the lack of pictures, but everything i've ever made from it has been absolutely amazing.
simply in season: with meals categorized by which veggies are in season, i find this the most helpful cookbook i own. it makes the task of buying and cooking seasonally a cinch!
everyday food: i also subscribe to martha stewart's everyday food. i always find several new recipes to try every month, and also find most of them easy to adapt to a vegetarian diet.

xox, bonnie

so this is where you come in! do you have any advice? what are you favorite cookbooks, blogs and/or websites for easy, organic cooking? please share with us in the comment section!

things i’m thankful for

| handmade

laura george

i know valentine's day is over but love is still in the air, right? laura george's shop is just oozing with love and i can't get enough of it! with octopuses holding hands, squishy people being cute and beards full of love, it made my morning full of hearts and giggles.

things i'm thankful for

things i'm thankful for

what are you thankful for? i'll start by telling you what i'm most thankful for in the comments section. see you there!

grilled artichoke hearts

| seasonal recipes

grilled artichoke hearts

perfect for valentine's day? i like the idea of meals cooked on a theme, so leave it to me to serve heart-shaped brownies and artichoke hearts on valentine's day.


  • -2 artichokes
  • -1/4 cup fresh parsley - chopped
  • -garlic salt
  • -1 tbs lemon juice
  • -1 tbs olive oil


bring 4 cups of water to a boil. cut artichokes in half from stem to top. trim the tips of the leaves using kitchen scissors to remove the thorns. boil until fronds are easy to peel off, about 20 minutes. remove and drain cut side down on a towel. brush with olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkle with remaining toppings. grill until blackened (i used a panini maker), about 8 minutes.

never eaten an artichoke? here's a great how-to article!

my goofy valentine

| bonnie forkner

my goofy valentine
dear mr. valentine,

here's my goofy way to telling you how much i love you. you are the creamer to my coffee, the most comfy pair of shoes on my favorite run, the chirping birds to a sunny day. you are the best cuddler. the best at folding my laundry. and the BEST at making me laugh. you are the most wonderful man i've ever known and i am completely in love with you.

love, your valentine

hot cocoa mix with ashley pahl

| handmade

I first made this hot cocoa mix over the holidays, and it was a huge hit. I know I will never buy hot cocoa packets again. It's easy to make a big batch of this mix, and keep it on hand for when you're craving a warm mug. The best part is that the powdered milk can be switched out for powdered soy milk, to accommodate vegans or those with allergies.

The marshmallow hearts idea came from Martha Stewart - great for Valentine's Day!

Recipe adapted from Alton Brown


2 cups confectioners sugar
1 cup Dutch-processed cocoa
2 1/2 cups powdered milk (or powdered milk substitute)
1 tsp salt
2 tsp cornstarch
1 pinch cayenne pepper, or more to taste
Hot water


Place all ingredients into a large bowl; mix well. Store in an air-tight container. To make one serving: fill a mug with 1/3 cup of homemade hot cocoa mix. Fill the rest with hot water.

To make heart marshmallows: simply cut large marshmallows in half, and use a greased mini heart cutter to punch out the centers. Perfect!

cofee with indie pretty projects

ashley paul indie pretty projectAshley has been coffee-crazy since college when her husband bought her an espresso machine for Christmas. Armed with a pot of dark roast, she spends her days writing Indie Pretty Projects and creating for her self-titledEtsy shop.

diy valentine’s day coffee cup wrappers

| DIY projects

valentine's day is monday! woot woot! i love any excuse i can get to something a little extra special with my sweetie-pie-honey-bun. though i'm not sure what we'll do yet, i'm sure it will be super awesome (hint hint, hub!). what do you have planned?

DIY valentine's day coffee cup wrappers
this pretty little diy for valentine's day coffee cup wrappers come from the lovely blog, eat drink chic. do you read it? if not, i know you'll get hooked as it's full of yummy diy projects, free printables and lost of inspiration. i think these cute coffee cup wrappers would be the perfect (-ly adorable) way to start out your valentine's day. make them an addition to that breakfast in bed you're planning, start your trip or ride to work with them or have them sitting out for a special breakfast. no matter how you use them, i'm sure you're sweetie will feel all wrapped up in love.

iphone 4

| lifestyle

iphone 4
yesterday, i got the iphone 4. for many of you, this phone is old news. however, since verizon is the only company that gets service in our sweet little (and very remote) hometown, we've been hearing about the joys of the iphone from all of our at&t friends for, well, seems like forever now. i recognize how silly it is to 'have' to have something that didn't even exist a few short years ago, but what can i say. i'm a sucker. so when we heard that the 'phone that changed the world' was coming to our network, david and i bundled up and headed out to the store with high hopes (but not too high) that we would have success. and we did!

as a long time mac user, it just made sense to add this little guy to my lineup. one of the features i'm most excited about is called facetime, where your calls become video calls between you and the person you're talking with. the reason i'm so excited is that my mom has ordered the iphone as well (go mom!), and we will soon be talking face to face, even though we're halfway across the country from each other. how amazing is that?!  plus i'll be able to see my hubby's pretty face anytime i call him, and that just makes me happy.

so you might ask, "that's cool and everything bonnie, but why are you telling us about it?". welp, that would be because i need your help! you see, apps overwhelm me (a statement i'm sure i'll be laughing at in about a year). there's just so many, and no way to find the ones i need that i don't even know i need! i would like to create an app just for searching for other apps. or maybe there's already an app for that? ah!! anyways, do you have any suggestions for me? oh smartphone, droid, iphone, ipad users??
here's what i'm looking for:

- apps that would help streamline my business (blog, etsy, paypal, etc).

- best blogging apps (i'm using wordpress here).

- creative essentials

- photography, editing and design apps

- ways to be more efficient (streamlining tasks, etc).

- anything else i need that i don't even know i need

- or... anything you have that you couldn't live without

(here are the apps i've already added, just so you know: pandora, twitter, places, ibooks, simplist, dropbox, hipstamatic.)

can't wait to hear about all your favorites! {smooches & hugs} bonnie