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skillshare: surface pattern design 2.0!

| bonnie christine design

oh boy, OH BOY, oh boy. i just hit 'publish' on my second skillshare course, surface pattern design 2.0! this course is a follow up to intro to surface pattern design and is designed for the person who dreams of becoming a professional surface pattern designer.

in this 1.5 hour class, i walk you step by step through the process of creating a pattern collection that is unique and engaging, and i'm sharing all of my industry secrets with you along the way! we'll discuss what to include in your portfolio and how to begin contacting companies to start your career.

whether you're looking to become a professional surface pattern designer, or are just hoping to enhance your pattern building skills, this course is for you!

 PLEASE NOTE: this course is a follow up to Intro to Surface Pattern Design. please begin with the previous course for detailed training on adobe illustrator, color palettes, sketching, motif design and repeat pattern design!

skillshare: surface pattern design 2.0 by bonnie christine (2)


i'll walk you through step by step to creating a unique and engaging pattern collection.

  • learn to create a repeat pattern.
  • design a collection that is engaging and thoughtful.
  • apply your patterns to products and mockups.
  • why it's important to craft the perfect portfolio.
  • how to get noticed in the industry and begin your career as a surface pattern designer!

this course is designed to give you all the industry information and creative skills you need to start start your career as a surface pattern designer, plus it will motivate and inspire you to follow your creative dream!

here's a glimpse at my pattern collection for the course:

skillshare: surface pattern design 2.0 by bonnie christine (1)


So inspirational, very informative, this is the best class I have taken on Skillshare to date. I am a seasoned illustrator user but I still learned so much. Thank you Bonnie Christine. Cavell Ferguson

I loved this class! I've always wanted to design patterns and never knew where to start. Thank you so much Bonnie Christine! You really made me understand every single step, you're a very good teacher, I can't wait for your upcoming class. Greetings from Mexico! Carla Antillón

Intro to Surface Pattern Design + Learn Adobe Illustrator does exactly that. It's a great in-depth course on the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and how it pertains to the world of creating surface/repeating patterns. Bonnie speaks clearly and slowly throughout the videos and she expertly takes you through the various tool bars and menus of Illustrator. I think it's one of the best comprehensive classes I've ever taken on the subject of pattern design and Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for taking the time to make these series of videos, Bonnie! Adriana Bergstrom

The illustrator tips and shortcuts alone were worth the price of admission (and I thought I knew illustrator!) I learned SO much before we even got into the designing. Once we got into designing it was like a whole 'nother class. I highly recommend this class. It's a two-fer. Kara Garrett


i hope you’ll come join us for surface pattern design 2.0 over on skillshare now!

hello, bear removable wallpaper, wallprints and stencils!

| bonnie christine design

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (1)

i've been so anxious to share this news with you. i'm incredibly happy to have just launched removable wallpaper and wallprints with wallternatives and wall stencils with royal design studio - all of which coordinate with my newly released fabric line, hello bear!

as you know, hello bear was inspired by my own son, bear! this entire collection is so meaningful and personal to me, because i created it especially with him in mind and his love and wonder for the forest. and, i have fallen in love with seeing how you use the line for your own projects and littles, too (see #hellobearfabrics)!

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (3)

with the launch of hello, bear removable wallpaper, wallprints and wall stencils, also comes a unique opportunity: there are now limitless options for any room! mix and match the fabrics and wall treatments to create a sweet and subtle adventurous atmosphere. you could also add in a few wall decals and have fun playing with the placement of the animals, trees and clouds, as they are all designed to seamlessly work together with matching designs and color palettes. i know bear's room is going to be getting a makeover verrrry soon!

i am so excited to see entire rooms come together with splashes of hello, bear mixed in. create a forest of wonder and delight for your little ones, where dreams become reality! be sure to share your projects with us!

psst! grab 15% off on both wallternatives and royal design studio with code "Bonnie15" now through friday, march 27th!

double psst! visit maxi makes (my mom's blog) for project ideas and more. this is also where you'll find hello, bear fabrics available for purchase!

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (8)

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (6)

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (4)

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (2)

hello, bear removable wallpaper, decals and stencils by bonnie christine (5)

happy first day of spring!

| handmade

it's spring. it's really really spring! i woke up to the birds chirping outside my window for the first time last week. i hadn't even noticed their absence during the winter, but as soon as i heard them i felt my whole spirit elevate. for the past week, i've been able to open our windows and teach bear how to call like the birds. tweet tweet!

oh! and i have roses on the way. they'll be here on tuesday! i've missed having roses in our yard ever since i left california, so i took the plunge and ordered several bare-root rose bushes from david austin roses. i hope i can make them flourish in our mountain yard!

this winter was hard. not really depressing, just long, dark and cold. plus, i was right in the depths of my first trimester, which i had a really tough time with this go 'round. i'm thankfully feeling better, but there were a few months there where i was really not feeling well (having to spend hours in bed, not able to eat or cook, etc).

this just makes me appreciate spring, warmth and energy all the more. the flowers above are the first blooms from our yard. i'm not sure what they are (?), but they smell heavenly. i'm wafting them your way now! my empty vases have been begging to hold something for too long now. i've planned my vegetable and flower garden for this year and will be starting their seeds next week. i'm just feeling light and airy and hopeful and wanted to share that with you. even if it's still cold where you are, the warmth is on it's way!!

we’re back! the movers and maker summit 2015

| handmade

the movers and maker summit 2015 (6)

ok, we’ve been back for a couple of weeks now, but it’s taken me a while to soak in and process all the creative goodness from the weekend. it was sensational!

>> not sure what the movers and makers summit is? read this. :)

working from home means that it’s not often i get to connect with like-minded creative entrepreneurs in person (or any person, for that matter!). the weekend started off by meeting my online friends and co-presenters at the retreat: lisa jacobs, april bowles, kerri burki and paige maitland. most of us had never met in person before, though we had hung out on google several times in preparation for the event. let’s just say that sitting down over coffee and sharing a home together for the weekend was much more enriching then our hangouts and occasional twitter conversations.

our conversations were enlightened, rich and incredibly inspirational. one night, we stayed up until midnight brainstorming creative ideas while listening to paige’s husband, john french, play in the background. it was so magical, and i’ll never forget it. once the women arrived, it got even better – it was amazing to have so many creative minds under one roof at the same time!

the movers and maker summit 2015 (4)

i was blow away at the creative drive and passion our attendees had. they were all incredibly smart, motivated and kind. we had a knitters and painters, sewists and yoga instructors. we all had different business goals, but were able to share with each other what worked for us all. i have pages and pages of notes from the weekend that i know i’ll be diving in and referring back to for months to come.

i feel incredibly honored to have been included in this special weekend. it’s something that i’ll never forget and i can’t wait to create more experiences like this in the future (hint, hint).

for more on the weekend, i highly recommend you read christina scalera’s review. she’s such a talented writer and i enjoyed meeting her and reading this post so much! i read it to my husband and he said ‘she has to write a book. she could write about a wall and make it engaging!’.

all photos by the sweet and talented paige french.


the movers and maker summit 2015 (5)

the movers and maker summit 2015 (3)


the movers and maker summit 2015 (7)

the movers and maker summit 2015 (2)

the movers and maker summit 2015 (1)

New Ribbon Blog Tour!

| bonnie christine design

bonnie christine ribbone blog tour (1) 

today i'm kicking off a ribbon blog tour in celebration of my line of woven jacquard ribbons with renaissance ribbons! join us each weekday for the next 3 weeks as talented makers from all over the world share their projects, patterns and tutorials with us day by day.

kicking off the blog tour today is none other than edith minne from renaissance ribbons herself! hop on over to their blog to see a beautiful wool applique pillow stitched with pieces from winged.

check out the full schedule below to see who will be posting each day.

psst. want to join the fun? share you own projects on twitter and instagram using hashtags #ribbontour

bonnie christine ribbon blog tour

bonnie christine ribbone blog tour (2)

>> blog posts will be linked daily as the are posted <<

Monday, March 16th - Edith Minne | Renaissance Ribbons
Tuesday, March 17th - Audrey | Skirt Fixation
Wednesday, March 18th - Ashley Jepperson | Mommy by Day Crafter by Night
Thursday, March 19th - Sarah Fredette | Smiles too Loudly
Friday, March 20th - Bethany Humberg | Bee Always Blooming Artwork
Monday, March 23rd - Sara Curtis | Radiant Home Studio
Tuesday, March 24th - Amy Watkins | Cozy Reverie
Wednesday, March 25th - Whitney Deal | Darling Dexter
Thursday, March 26th - Alexis Wright | My Sweet Sunshine Studio
Friday, March 27th - Marni Weaver | HaberdasheryFun
Monday, March 30th - Kate McCown | Sunflower Paperie
Tuesday, March 31st - Bonnie Christine (that's me!) | Going Home to Roost
Wednesday, April 1st - Maxie Ramey | Maxie Makes
Thursday, April 2nd - Jayme Christensen | Finding Sweetland
Friday, April 3rd - Shannon Orr | Eb Makery
Monday, April 6th - Caitlin Topham | Salty Oat
Tuesday, April 7th- Kitty Wilkin | Night Quilter
Wednesday, April 8th - Corri Sheff | The Lions Dandy

That’s all Folks!

which will i be sewing with for baby 2.0?!

| baby & children

which will i be sewing with?

in case you missed my announcement a few weeks back over on instagram - we're going to have another baby!!! i should have told you sooner. sometimes i feel like everyone is on instagram, but i know that's not the case. it dawned on me yesterday that i hadn't shared this special news with you here, so here i am! and it's just in time - because TODAY we find out if we're having a boy or a girl. i'm completely indifferent either way and keep daydreaming about how either one would fit perfectly in our lives. i'm just anxious to start getting to know this little person more and more!

SEW, which fabric do you think i'll be sewing with? i'll update this post with the news once we find out (most likely late tonight or in the morning). who else is expecting? i love finding mommies in a similiar stage of mommy-hood (i'm due in september). i'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you! love, bonnie

*UPDATE* it's a girl!!! we're are beyond excited and overwhelmed with joy and love. thank you everyone for all your well wishes and sweet words!

march gift guide

| gift guide

march gift guide

product links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

a handmade gift guide for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… or for no reason at all!

fun facts for march:

>> march is youth art month
>> march 18th is sun earth day
>> march 20th is spring equionox
>> march 20th is world sparrow day
>> march's birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone
>> march's birth flower is the daffodil

large scale coney island print giveaway by minagraphy

| giveaway

enter to win a coney island beach print by minagraphy (2)

when mina reached out to me about doing a giveaway, i immediately said yes! i'm absolutely in love with her weathered beach and carnival photographs. mina is orginally from romania, but since her move to NYC, she has fallen irreversibly in love with coney island, which has been the subject of her work for the past 3 years. so today, we're happy to offer you her most popular print: a large scale (40" x 40") archival beach print of coney island - valued at $300!

about the coney island project:

“Coney Island and Other Magical Places” Photography is a series of vivid, colorful and lighthearted pieces. Saturated hues, scratches, textures, and blurred motion combine to add a certain charm and nostalgia to each print. The Boardwalk, carnival rides, and beachy scenes comprise this grouping of lively images that are sure to add color and joy to any room they occupy.

enter to win a coney island beach print by minagraphy (1)

mina has also been generous enough to offer a coupon code for 20% off her large scale beach prints. just use code GOINGHOME during checkout. thanks, mina!!


enter to win: a large scale archival coney island beach print by mina teslaru. all works printed on high quality archival paper with archival inks. the colors don't fade and the paper does not yellow.

deadline: giveaway will end friday, march 13th at 12am, est. the winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on this post shortly after.

to enter: comment on this post sharing with us your favorite print from mina's etsy shop.

additional ways to enter:

>> like going home to roost and minapraphy on facebook

>> share giveaway on instagram and include the handle @goinghometoroost and @minagraphy

>> pin any givaway image on pinterest and include #goinghometoroost and #minagraphy 

be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry so it counts (limit of 4 comments per person)!

good luck! xox, bonnie