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puppy love

| handmade

at this early stage in our life, our dog is like our kid- what can i say, we love him like family!  so, to spread a bit of puppy love, i thought you might like to see these leashes i made.  they are pretty easy and i have total confidence that you can do it too!

by the way- i know you're jealous of my ironing board cover..

supplies you'll need:

  • one  2" strip of fabric as long as you would like your leash to be.  mine are 60" long (you can piece two pieces together if you need to).
  • one strip of 1" cotton webbing (or rock climbing webbing!) the same length as your fabric.
  • 1 swivel hook (found at hardware stores)
  • thread and your sewing gear
  1. cut your webbing and you fabric to the desired length of your leash- make sure you take into consideration extra length for making the handle and attaching the clasp- about 12". (if you need to piece two pieces of fabric together, place the two ends right sides together and sew a straight line ¼" from the ends- backstitching at each end.  press the seams open on the back so that it will lay flat without much bulk).
  2. iron the 2" strip of fabric in half- right down the middle (fold wrong side together- so that you see the right side of the fabric on the outside).


3.   using your new crease as a guideline, fold one half of your strip in ¼" then another ¼" and press again.

4.   do the same thing on the other side.

5.   once the length of your fabric is pressed, fold it around your webbing- you should have a 1" space where it will lay nicely.

6.   starting at one end, straight stitch down the backside of the leash attaching the fabric with about an 1/8" seam    allowance.


7.   repeat on the other side.

8.   you are ready now to make the handle!  fold the raw edge of one side under to make it look finished and stitch across it. then, fold your leash far enough down to create the size handle you would like.  stitch the webbing together with a rectangle that has an "X'" in the middle.

9.  to add the clasp fold down and finish the end like you did the other end.  feed that end through your swivel hook.  fold it down and stitch the webbing together with a rectangle that has an "X" in the middle.

10.   you're done- take fido for a walk!


come on green thumb!

| handmade

with easter just around the corner, my mind has been on eggs. it’s also been on gardening, since this year i’m making my very first attempt at a veggie garden (come on green thumb!), so i thought, why not combine the two? i figured you could start seedlings indoors in eggshells, then just transplant the whole thing right into the ground when they’re ready! biodegradable, easy, fun, eco-friendly! here’s how:1) pick out your best and biggest eggs!


2) remove the top of the eggshell, a hole about the size of a quarter. I used a knife for this, and it worked great! don’t fret- the shells are a bit tougher than you think.

3) remove the top of the shell and if your not cooking at the moment, make sure you save your eggs for those yummy omelets in the morning...


4) using a needle or a pin, poke a hole in the bottom of the shell to allow for water drainage.


5) fill each shell with organic seed starter mix and lightly moisten the soil. you can also label each shell with a pen or pencil- so you don’t forget what you planted! add 1-2 seeds per shell and cover them lightly with more soil (read individual seed packets for specifics).


6) you’re done! place them in a sunny window or under a glow bulb and wait for them to sprout- that's the best part:) keep the soil moist but not soaked. when it’s time to transplant them outside, all you have to do is crack the shell and place the whole thing in the ground.

i was able to use eggs from my hens, but you can use any eggs you have in the fridge. wouldn’t these be really great easter gifts? an already-sprouted herb garden!

oh deer!

| handmade

i love these great things from etsy, they brightened up my cold and gloomy day!


1. say yes to antlers
2. oh deer!
3. hippity hop hop
4. flown the coop
5. jill rosenwald was recently etsy's featured seller, i can see why!
6. i love rag trader
7. nice and nested
8. this great print just makes me glow!
9. i wish i had this in my window

treats for toaster

| seasonal recipes

being newlyweds, we knew we were going to have to be really careful with our money, so we cut our spending where we could. we finally realized when we were giving our dog ice cubes as treats, maybe we needed to loosen up some! so, feeling sorry for toaster (yes, TOASTER- like toaster oven, toaster strudel, hey could you put my bagel in the toaster) i decided to make him some homemade treats. they are yummy but more importantly affordable, and he loves them! here’s how:


2 cups whole wheat flour

1 tb baking powder

1/2 cup molasses

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup milk

mix all the ingredients in a bowl until all the batter is smooth. place on a lightly floured surface and roll out to about 1/4″ thick. use any shape cookie cutters you like to cut them out, then place them on a lightly greased baking pan. bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes and you’re done!

i make them in bulk and freeze the extras so refills are easy. also, you can leave the molasses out if you don’t have any. all natural and inexpensive treats- sure does beat those ice cubes!