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Wonderful Things Fabrics Debuting at Quilt Market!

| bonnie christine design

If you follow us over on Instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek of my next fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics last week. It's debuting at Quilt Market this weekend!

Wonderful Things is a collection about cheerful affirmations and gentle whispers. My hope is that it will inspire us all to delight in the ones we love with encouragement and truth. Let the happy hues and delicate prints uplift your spirits and open the door to all kinds of wonderful things!

If you'll be in Houston this weekend for International Quilt Market, be sure to swing by Art Gallery Fabrics booth (#1050) to see it in person. While you're there, snap a picture for me and share it using #WonderfulThingsFabrics!



Swanflower – Free Quilt Pattern

| bonnie christine design | DIY projects | free downloads

Swanflower Free Quilt Pattern from Hello, Ollie Fabrics (5)

Hello, hello! The blog tour for my current fabric collection, Hello, Ollie for Art Gallery Fabrics began last week and today is MY day to join along! I'm excited to share with you the quilt that I designed for the collection called Swanflower, made by my incredible momma, Maxie Makes. The entire quilt is made from large half square triangles (so easy!) and the assembly is what makes the geometric pattern.

Together with Art Gallery Fabrics - we are happy to offer you this free quilt pattern! Download the instructions for the Swanflower quilt right here. If you make it, be sure to use the collection's hashtag #HelloOllieFabrics when sharing on social media so we can all see your beautiful work!

Swanflower Free Quilt Pattern from Hello, Ollie Fabrics (4)

Swanflower Free Quilt Pattern from Hello, Ollie Fabrics (1)About the collection:

Like the delicate trace left by a Swan’s dance on the water, this collection illustrates the image of spending an afternoon in the meadow by the lake. Named after my daughter, Ollie, sweetness is brought to life with dabbling swans, feathered fellows and garden blooms.

Explore the collection deeper here: the collection | the lookbook | on instagram | art prints | design process

Swanflower Free Quilt Pattern from Hello, Ollie Fabrics (2)

Be sure to swing by Friday's project by My Sweet Sunshine (it's one not to be missed!) and visit Cheri Lenhow's blog tomorrow to see some amazing embroidery. (And check out the full line up here!)

Swanflower Free Quilt Pattern from Hello, Ollie Fabrics (3) 

Hello, Ollie Fabrics Blog Tour Schedule

| handmade

 Hello, Ollie Fabrics Blog Tour (2)

Today I get to launch the Hello, Ollie Fabrics Blog Tour! I had so many talented makers contribute to my Hello, Ollie booth at Quilt Market, and I've invited each of them to join the tour. Each day for the next few weeks we can hop from one project to the next and really take in the amazing projects - many of which come with a pattern, tutorial or are available for purchase. Check out the full schedule below!

Do you have a project made from Hello, Ollie Fabrics? Share you own projects on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags #HelloOllieFabrics & #HelloOllieBlogTour. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Explore the collection deeper: the collection | the lookbook | on instagram | more info

Hello, Ollie Fabrics Blog Tour (1)

Everyone's blog post will be linked on the day that their project is posted. Check back here to see the new link added each day!

Hello, Ollie Fabrics Blog Tour (3)

Monday October 10th: Lindsay Conner | Lindsay Sews
Tuesday October 11th: Taylor Urban | Taylor Made Creates
Wednesday October 12th: Amanda Castor | Material Girl Quilts
Thursday October 13th: Hailey Johnston | Project Free 2 Fly
Friday October 14th: Alexis Wright | My Sweet Sunshine
Monday October 17th: Bonnie Christine | Going Home to Roost
Tuesday October 18th: Cheri Lehnow | Tinker With This
Wednesday October 19th: Lisa Mabey | Mabey She Made It
Thursday October 20th: Kaitlyn Pallas Howell | Knot and Thread Design
Friday October 21st: Deanne Chambers + Karyn Astleford | Annie & Dot Fabrics
Monday October 24th: Vanessa Hewell | LBG Studio
Tuesday October 25th: Corri Sheff  | The Lions Dandy
Wednesday October 26th: Sarah Thomas | Sariditty
Thursday October 27th: Teresa Behr | Dandelion Drift
Friday October 28th: Sarah Overton | My Crowded Nest + Walker Quilt Co.
Monday October 31st: Sarah Sharp | No Hats in the House
Tuesday November 1st: Jessica Bustos  | Lil Luxe Collection
Wednesday November 2nd: Ali Brorsen | Because of Brenna
Thursday November 3rd: Jenn Rossotti | Ginger Peach Studio
Friday November 4th: Shayla Wolf | Sassafras Lane
Final Recap
























October’s Digital + Printable Calendar Collection

| free downloads

October Desktop Calendar by Bonnie Christine (2)

Bye bye September, hello beautiful October! This month's calendar collection uses the village tundra print from my organic fabric collection, Hello, Ollie.

A few things I love most about October: crisp mornings, bug-free afternoons, sweater shopping and the beginning of soup season! What are your favorite things about October?

Calendars for September: click here to download the desktop background and here to download the smartphone background. enjoy!

October Desktop Calendar by Bonnie Christine (1)   

A little recap of our month. See more & follow along over on Instagram!

October Desktop Calendar by Bonnie Christine (3)

(back by popular demand!) to download the printable version: click here download the PDF calendar. print on heavy card stock (my favorite is epson premium presentation paper). punch a whole at the top to hang or simply stack.

please note: all images, patterns and designs © bonnie christine | going home to roost. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog (i’d be delighted!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file. thank you!



A look at the process & meaning behind Hello, Ollie prints

| bonnie christine design | handmade

I just can't tell how delighted I am to see all of your projects using my new organic fabric collection Hello, Ollie. Your talent is blowing me away!

This collection is so very dear to me for two reasons: what makes it most sweet is that it’s inspired by my baby girl, Ollie Doe. It’s filled with graceful swans, gazing little eyes, and delicate flowers that are meant to make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

Second, I'm incredible honored that this is Art Gallery Fabrics first ever organic line of quilting cottons, knits, voile and canvas. Each are 100% GOTS-certified organic and incredibly soft and snuggly!

Hello, Ollie by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics (1)

Blossom Drift

Because this collection is so special, I wanted to take a moment to dive a little deeper into the meaning and process behind some of my favorite prints. I dreamed of a sweet and tiny floral that would be perfect to use for little girl outfits, wraps and baby blankets. I spent a few days sketching loose and organic florals (below) and soon, blossom drift was born.

Sketches from Bonnie Christine's 'Hello,Ollie' Fabric Collection (2)

Hello, Ollie by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics (2)

Sweetly Sings

Inspired by summer foliage, butterfly sightings and baby lullabies, Sweetly Sings came to life. An interesting note: I designed the 'inside' portions of the butterflies to be printed with metallic ink, but in order to comply with the strict GOTS organic guidelines, each yard could have no more than 2% metallic ink. SO - we scrapped it all together to keep the line as pure as possible. I'm so glad we did! And because I wanted each side of the butterflies to be identical, I only drew half of them (see below!).

Sketches from Bonnie Christine's 'Hello,Ollie' Fabric Collection (1)

Hello, Ollie by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics (5)

Swanlings Bevy

To me, swans represent love, beauty, pureness. I wanted to illustrate both a mama swan and a 'bevy' of swans (hence, swanlings bevy above). Nothing is so sweet than a baby swan taking refuge under her mama's wings. I think it's the perfect picture of a mother's love and care for her little ones!

Hello, Ollie by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics (4)

Dabbling Swan

Sketches from Bonnie Christine's 'Hello,Ollie' Fabric Collection (3)

And because early baby days are filled with naps, winks and wide eyes at all hours of the day (ha!), I designed a simple sleepy print, Meadow Dreams.

Meadow Dreams

Below is the entire collection which you can view over on Art Gallery Fabrics. You can also find patterns, projects and endless inspiration in the lookbook! Can't wait to see more of your #HelloOllieFabrics projects!

Looking to purchase? See if your nearest independent quilt or fabric shop is currently stocked with Hello, Ollie, shop online from my mom’s quilt shop – A Stitch in Time - or view a full list of online shops here.



An easy to make tassel wall hanging

| DIY projects

Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (1)

If you happened to see this post over on Instagram, you know that we recently moved into a small apartment where we'll spend the winter as we build a new home (we are so excited!). Initially, I thought downsizing our living space might be hard, but it's turned out to be so lovely. We've simplified, stored, de-stashed and dwindled everything down to the essentials. In this new space, I only have my favorite pots and pans, wardrobe pieces, most precious toys for the children, most used crafting tools. There's something very special about being surrounded with only the things I cherish most.

When we moved in, everything found it's place. And when I was all finished, I still had this large white wall staring at me! After some pondering and perusing, I fell in love with Erica's DIY Tassel Wall Hanging. Aha! Off to my favorite yarn store I went and soon after this blank wall had a pretty statement piece hanging on it.

I followed Erica's DIY exactly, so I'll send you to her blog for the tutorial. I loved this project because it's a simple way to make a BIG statement. And though I love to weave, this was a quick and easy way to incorporate some of that yummy yarn texture into our space that I love so much. If you can wrap yarn, you can make this project!

Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (2)

Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (4)


Make this! Tassel Wall Hanging (6)



A Woodland Birthday Cake for Bear & Ollie

| baby & children | DIY projects

Forest Birthday Cake (3)

It's the season of birthdays in our family, and since Bear and Ollie's are only a week a part, we celebrated them together. Sweet Bear turned 3 and little Ollie Doe turned 1. We invited some friends and family to join us in the park- it poured rain (thank goodness for the shelter!) and then the sun peeked out. The kids played in puddles and got soaking wet - and it was so much fun.

My family will tell you, when it comes to baking, I don't have the best track record. Ha! Experiments in vegan baking, natural food coloring and layer cakes has been fun but .. well interesting to say least. :)

With that said, I was determined to try again and because I wanted something fail proof, I turned to Immaculate Baking Company's Scratch Mix. It has no bleached flour, no artificial flavors or preservatives and no hydrogenated oils. Thank you! I used organic almond milk, earth balance butter and ener-g egg replacer to make it. It baked beautifully, was easy to layer and tasted amazing.

I went for the 'semi-naked cake' look for two reasons - because I love the layers of cake peaking through the icing, and because I didn't want to give everyone a sugar overload. Turns out, it was easy to make and had just the right amount of 'sweet' for all the cake! I call that a win win.

Resources I loved:

- Ffeabysawsen's video tutorial on making a semi-naked cake

- Whisk-kid's layer cake tutorial

- Bear and fawn figurines

- Freshly cut ferns

- Bunting banner (similar to this) and bear's crown made washi tape

- Woodgrain paper straws

Forest Birthday Cake (1)

Forest Birthday Cake (2)

Bear & Ollie

Happy birthday my sweet littles. You give me so much joy!


Burn your own Home Video DVDs

| DIY projects

Burn your own Home Video DVDs

I know, I know. Burning CDs might seem a little antiquated. But I use them once a year for two purposes, and I'm so glad I do! Let me explain -

This 'day in age' it's so easy to snap photos and videos straight from our many capable devices. Then we share them on Instagram, upload them to Facebook, or perhaps text them family. Oftentimes soon after, they get lost. Lost in a 'feed', lost in our messages. Sometimes they become lost forever - thanks to crashing hard drives, lost or stolen devices, and wiped social media accounts (oh no!).

So once a year, I take the videos from our iPhones and compile them into one huge 'home video' (remember those?!). Then, I burn DVDs for everyone in the family and hand them out at our birthday celebration. They're a huge hit with the grandparents! (Of course, DVDs can be lost or broken, too. So I back them up on my external hard drive and save them in as many place as possible!) I also do the same thing with our photos. Saving them to a disk and giving them to our loved ones makes them so special, and easy to hold on to. (I also make a beautiful Artifact Uprising book each year with all of our photos in it - I'll be sharing about those soon!).

*Pro tip: videos taken in 'landscape' make better DVDs then videos taken in 'portrait'. So throughout the year, try to remember to always hold your phone sideways as you take videos!

If you're inspired to do the same, I've made PDF templates and SVG cutting files for both DVD labels and the DVD envelopes that will help tremendously! You can use the PDF (editable in Illustrator) to design and print them yourself, then cut out along the lines -OR- if you have a cutting machine like a Silhouette, you can use the .SVG (cutting) files to design your own and cut them our on your handy machine!



Members can sign in to the Roost Tribe now to download this editable PDF and SVG (cutting) file. You'll find it on the 'limited access' page or under "DIY Projects" on the 'full access' page.

Preserving memories one DVD at a time (2)NON - MEMBERS:

If you're not a member of the Roost Tribe, you can purchase the editable PDF and SVG (cutting) files using the button below ($8). Your files will be delivered to you automatically after checkout!

Ready to join the Roost Tribe? Find out more and join our creative community here!

Here are a few of my favorite resources I used for this project!

- Recordable DVDs (for videos) and CDs (for photos) - make sure you purchase ones large enough for your project!

- iMovie is simple to use for video editing!

- This is my favorite white label paper - perfect for these CD labels (I also use them to print shipping labels on)

- This kraft paper is sturdy enough for envelopes, and easy to cut with either scissors or a Silhouette.

-  My favorite glue stick is technically for fabric, but it works great for the 'flaps' (and tons of other projects!)

- And my Silhouette Cutting Machine makes projects like these easy and fast!

*Pro tip: if you're using a Mac, the easiest way to burn a DVD is to insert the blank disc into the CD Drive, wait for the pop up message and select 'open in Finder'. Drag and drop your .MOV file here and click 'burn'.

Memories are so important to preserve and these DVDs are easy to personalize and burn. Plus, they make wonderful gifts for family. Have fun!