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Join the Roost Tribe's affiliate program to start earning money for every membership you send our way! Simply create your account and use your affiliate link as you share about the Roost Tribe on your website, newsletter campaigns and social media outlets. As your visitors become Roost Tribe members you'll begin to see your account balance grow!

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple:

1. Visitor clicks on your affiliate link on your website or in an email (or anywhere you share it).

2. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes for 3 weeks.

3. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to join the Roost Tribe.

4. If the visitor becomes a member (this does not need to happen during the same browser session - cookies and IPs are stored for 3 weeks), the membership will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive a 25% commission for this sale.

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